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Surviving 4 Business Deaths before the “Shocking” Success with Maneesh Sethi | Episode 051

Maneesh Sethi is the founder of Pavlok, amaker of hardware, software, and services that helps people change their habits for good. The two flagship products are Pavlok and Shock Clock.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Maneesh.
  • Maneesh’s first NO occurred when he was just 12 years old.
  • That big NO actually led Maneesh to write his very first book that turned into an international best seller.
  • Positive reinforcement does not work for Maneesh, but he explains what does.
  • 50% or so of people are motivated by NO, and Maneesh is one of those people.
  • One of Maneesh’s biggest NO’s occurred while he was working at his incubator.
  • After several VC’s told Maneesh NO, he knew that in order to get his products out on the market he’d have to sell them rather than give them away. He shares the full story in this interview!
  • A webinar led to over $30K in pre-orders.
  • Maneesh shares how he was able to get so many people onto his webinar and have such success.
  • Pavlok, Maneesh’s company experienced four business death situations. He shares the 4th, and what he thought was the final one.
  • Negotiating his terms led to real success for Maneesh and Pavlok.
  • “Money is a story and that story is told each time a transaction takes place and that story is a story of trust.” ~ Maneesh Sethi
  • Understanding trust and building it is what has led Maneesh to a fundamental breakthrough with his business.
  • Maneesh’s most accomplished NO was his experience on the show Shark Tank. This is a GREAT story!
  • Maneesh’s experience on Shark Tank led him to spend the next year and a half mastering his product.
  • People have experienced 70 to 80 percent success from the Pavlok products.
  • Inkwell investment company offered Maneesh $250K, but he turned them down. He explains why in this episode!
  • “Begin acting not like the one who needs money but the one who’s offering the potential for you to win. This is the way that you have to communicate with investors.” ~ Maneesh Sethi
  • Maneesh shares what he would tell his younger self.

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