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What do you do when someone tells you your idea will never work, and that you should probably just give up now?

For Jeff Martin, co-founder of Pipcorn, it was actually exactly what he needed to hear. In fact, he was able to leverage that negativity and use it as fuel on the road to success.

A born problem-solver, Jeff has been well versed in the snack food business since the age of ten, selling popcorn to his three siblings straight from his bedroom. Even after he was laid off during the recession from his job in investment banking, the entrepreneur-at-heart had the confidence to make something out of nothing, taking special mini heirloom kernels and turning it into the Pipcorn we know and love today!

Additionally, Jeff’s finance background and experience as an entrepreneur make him a key element on the Pipcorn leadership team and allow him to apply his skills to a hands-on role in the brand. He is able to act quickly and makes decisions by focusing on the end goal and the most efficient way to get there.

Here’s a few things we talked about:

  • The first major rejection Jeff faced when trying to find a manufacturer and the advice he got from an industry leader that he’s really glad he didn’t take
  • Jeff’s best tips for overcoming criticism from haters and use it as fuel to get to the next level
  • How a deal fell apart in the 11th hour after several months and how Jeff and his team were able to pull through
  • The important lesson Jeff learned about asking for help and how it’s helped him get through some difficult times
  • Why everyone needs to learn how to delegate and find a work-life balance no matter what stage of business you’re in
  • The most important part of the sales process most people miss that is costing you money and opportunities
  • Jeff shares what he would tell his younger self

If you’re ready to ignore the naysayers and focus on the support you do have to become successful, this episode is for you! Special thanks to Jeff for taking the time to chat.

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