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Do you take time to establish rapport with your ideal clients and customers? Or, do you just wing it?

When it comes to getting things done, Founder & CEO of Steve Sims is your man. He runs a luxury concierge company and if you take a quick look at things he has arranged for his clients, you’ll understand why his company is in such high demand.

Forbes Magazine called Steve “The Modern Day Wizard of Oz” but, talking to him you wouldn’t think that. Steve grew up a bricklayer from London and despite his success, is still very much rooted to the ground. Steve believes that relationships are everything!

Have you ever taken the time to establish rapport with prospective clients? If not, taking the time to learn and build a relationship with a client can change the way your sales conversation goes (possibly even earn you a YES & a new client!. THIS BLOG POST can help you learn how to establish rapport!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Steve Sims.
  • Self-doubt has been Steve’s biggest obstacle: why would people choose him? He went on a 3 day drinking binge because he doubted himself.
  • Steve realized that he didn’t look the part: his clients would show up in Ferraris, and he’d be on a motorcycle.
  • To fit in, he bought a Ferrari for an event in Monaco, and took a picture of himself with a giant luxury yacht in the background. When he got the pictures back, he realized: “that isn’t ME.”
  • After realizing that he had sold himself out, allowing himself to be changed to fit other’s perceptions, he went on his drinking spree. He realized that he had put the dollar above his sense of self.
  • “I was losing my ability to connect [with my clients] because they saw value in stuff that I didn’t.” ~ Steve Sims
  • The key is understanding what your client actually wants, by taking the time to establish rapport.
  • When Steve came out of his “bender,” he changed everything. Went back to his roots, his former way of doing things. YES, he lost money (he saw a 40% dip in revenue!), but he found a more satisfying life as he served his ideal client that he knew and understood.
  • Your ability to connect with your clients is directly connected to your revenue.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right circle is key to realignment.
  • “We surf the tides that we initiate the swells on.” ~ Steve Sims
  • When you’ve gotten out of alignment with your niche, purpose, and values, the realignment process is hard, and takes a lot of work.
  • Find ways to remove the friction in your life.
  • The advice that Steve got from his dad helped him as he realigned his business: “Son, no one drowned by falling into the water. They drowned by staying in.”
  • “I was drowning, and I had the choice to stay in or get out.” ~ Steve Sims
  • “You’ve got to have community….No one wins alone.” ~ Steve Sims
  • Steve compares his experience to a very expensive MBA program.
  • We’re attracted to shiny objects: it’s important to look at them and see, do they align with me? Are they a good fit? Do I even like them? If the answer is NO, then don’t do it!
  • “If there’s all bells and whistles and ticker tape, it might be trying to hide something.” ~ Steve Sims
  • Instead of simply asking clients for feedback, Steve starts out with “What did I do wrong?” This changes the way that they respond, and helps them think differently to give more valuable feedback. That way they don’t just gush and call it amazing.
  • Steve shares what he would tell his younger self.

Connect with Steve Sims:

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