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Sean Roach is the Sales Hunter | Episode 061

Sean Roach has built an entrepreneurial empire helping businesses solve problems and realize their potential. Using his expertise in internet marketing and organizational turnaround, Sean provides practical advice on how both small and large businesses can expand their reach and reposition themselves after inevitable changes in business and technology.

At the individual level, Sean urges people to take action and make their dreams a reality by giving them the tools to pursue what they want. His best-selling business book, Get Off Your Duff and Make Your Own Damn Cheese!, encourages readers to make success happen for themselves—just as he did!

Sean’s well-known story of overcoming ADHD and dyslexia to find his own success has been an inspiration to a huge audience. He believes in paying it forward by helping others improve and succeed.

As a speaker, he shares his knowledge across a wide range of industries on tangible tactics anyone can use to achieve success. Sean inspires people to take action and make their goals a reality by giving them the tools to pursue their dreams.

Sean has worked as an adviser for Amazon, Google, MGM Resorts, BMW, Subaru, Ford, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Inomati and many more.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Sean Roach.
  • Sean shares a quick introduction of himself.
  • At the age of 36, Sean was diagnosed with Dyslexia and has overcome it with success.
  • Sean was placed in special classes because of his Dyslexia but at the same time was giving Rotary speeches and was an excellent swimmer too.
  • Right out of college Sean began working with a mortgage company where the guy who was to be his mentor was not ever attentive, so Sean kept hearing NO after NO.
  • Sean shares what kept him going while hearing all these NO’s.
  • Sean’s experience with real estate went from working with a mortgage company to getting into home buyer training and would bring leads in. He then started his own real estate division and brought in his own real estate agents.
  • Are you familiar with the term “why kid?” Sean shares his definition.
  • Sean was pummeled with NO’s before his first YES when he was in the mortgage industry. He shares a story of how some real estate agents were using him for free Starbucks!
  • When a realtor gave Sean his first loan, he had an uphill battle because VA loans were gone and the guy he was working with didn’t have any credit. With his perseverance, Sean was able to get the loan through. He shares the full story in this episode!
  • There are two types of salespeople in the world, Hunters and Farmers. Sean explains both.
  • Sean’s college thesis helped him to realize that niching down was the most important thing to do in sales and in business.
  • As an intern, Sean went with the MGM community to Japan to try and convince them to allow Kirk Kerkorian to purchase their land. Sean tells the FULL story, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.
  • “Go after the people who want to hear what you have to say, and stop caring what others think.” ~ Sean Roach
  • Sean shares what he would tell his younger self.

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