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Mindee Hardin is the founder of Juicebox Moms and has helped over 300 Mom inventors through the joys and trials of bringing their ideas to life while they juggle the heart tugs and demands of a family.  She has been an entrepreneur for 12 years and most widely known for her success as the inventor of  Boogie Wipes, saline wipes for kids stuffy noses.  Mindee has been featured on the Today Show, The Big Idea, Good Morning America, Fox News and in People Magazine.  

Recently, she was the keynote speaker for the Disney Moms Social Media Conference and Entrepreneur Uprising. In 2014, she earned the Spirit of Entrepreneurship award for her work with Oregon youth through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  She was featured as an Entrepreneur of the Year at the Oregon Entrepreneur Summit in August 2016 and speaks regularly to MBA classes, Moms groups and Entrepreneur clubs.  

Mindee’s first book, Boogie Wiped, trailing the lessons she’s learned in business in motherhood was released in the summer of 2015.  Her husband, Scott, is in his 22nd year at Intel and together they revel in the blended family blessings of coaching, scouting, feeding, growing and taxi cabbing their 6 kids through one adventure to the next.

It’s time to start living in the NOW, not the when! Mindee shares how it’s done in this blog post!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Mindee Hardin.
  • Mindee shares her experience with inventing Boogie Wipes and how this was the best and worst thing that happened to her.
  • Mindee talks about her book Boogie Wiped and the story of how she went from $15 million in sales to no position whatsoever in her business.
  • Mindee explains why taking care of your life and family should always come before your business.
  • “When you’re building your business listen to that instinct, that whisper.” ~ Mindee Hardin
  • Mindee has become a fan of living in the NOW, not the when and she shares how she got to this point.
  • Mindee is currently in the midst of a trademark battle for her latest invention. Listen to learn what it is.
  • Mindees shares what it’s like to coach moms in business.
  • It’s a great feeling to take back the reins in business and tell others what you will and won’t do if they ask you to speak at an event for them.
  • When it comes to making tough decisions, create an “I will do this, and I won’t do that” list.
  • Mindee shares what she would tell her younger self.

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P.S. Stop dwelling in the past and stop worrying about the future! THIS BLOG POST can help you focus on the NOW.