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Episode 000 | How Michelle’s 20 Years of Business Experience, Helps Turn Every No To A Yes!

For anybody who is trying to grow or take a business to the next level luckily, there’s Michelle Weinstein. She has knocked down the doors and impressed CEO’s at many billion dollar companies. Her relentless pursuit towards buyers at Costco Wholesale earned her coveted shelf space that also led to national deals with The Vitamin Shoppe. Other current clients include the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays. Within her inner circle are multi-seven figure entrepreneurs, famous comedians, professional athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL.

She accomplished incredible feats of influence, building a business both online & brick & mortar. She has sold everything from mortgages, to wardrobes at Norstroms, from 7-figure homes and $30k online education products to Paleo Meatballs.

Her mission is to utilize her superpower to help more than one million entrepreneurs close any deal that comes their way, sell more products or services, value their worth, overcome any objection thrown at them, and turn a NO into a “YES” so they can serve more people and make a bigger difference in the world ~ The Pitch Queen

Here are a few things we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces her newest project Success Unfiltered.
  • Michelle introduces John Lee Dumas who dives deep into Michelle’s business past.
  • They discuss Michelle’s experience as a financial analyst, turned mortgage broker, turned real estate agent.
  • Michelle shares how her parents taught her to be financially savvy.
  • John asks Michelle about the financial crisis that started when subprime loans began to turn over.
  • Michelle shares her journey from creating FITzee Foods and how she came to know it was time to close her doors.
  • The exciting experience Michelle had when pitching on The Shark Tank.
  • Michelle’s journey isn’t over… she shares what the next big chapter is for her!

If you’re ready to learn about the Michelle you may not know and how her 20 years of sales experience has truly shaped her, check out our latest blog post HERE.

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