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Are your intentions and actions in pure business alignment?

Majid Raees is a world champion Kickboxer who was a protege of the legend “Benny the Jet.” Born in Kuwait, Majid moved to the states in 1996 to pursue the dream to work with  Benny after seeing him fight with Jackie Chan in the movies. Within a short time, Majid became the number #1 kick boxing champion in the US along with Golden Gloves and Blue/Gold National Champion – in addition to US Gracie Open Grappling Champion. With these skills, Majid has since opened his own business training celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Global entrepreneurs. Majid’s training is a truly unique as it combines human intelligence to reach its optimal potential.

How can you know that your intentions are pure in business and that they don’t need a career adjustment? What are some warning signs to watch for that can tell you that things are not in business alignment? Click here to read THIS BLOG POST!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Majid Raees, a professional kickboxing world champion.
  • When Majid won the championship in Pakistan, he decided it was time to conquer his next challenge: winning a global championship!
  • It was hard to pursue that dream because so many others laughed at it and thought it was impossible.
  • Dreaming is so important: from the age of 13, becoming a global champion was Majid’s dream, and he held onto that dream.
  • “If you work on your dreams, they will come to you. It’s all about the intent. I think it’s all about your focus and how deeply you connect with the dream.” ~ Majid Raees
  • “Once you discover your gift it’s the most powerful thing in the world.”  ~ Majid Raees
  • Majid shares how he connects with people’s feelings to help them realize their gifts.
  • Pay attention to the feelings that you feel or do it without even realizing it: feelings like love, or like driving a car.
  • “Listen to the intention, not the thoughts in the process.” ~ Majid Raees
  • One of Majid’s biggest NO’s was when he turned down a high-profile client because this client was not in alignment. The opportunity was huge for Majid, but he said NO because he was not willing to put himself in an “impure” scenario.
  • Some opportunities may double your income, but you still have to say NO because you are not willing to pay the cost!
  • When Majid works with people who are not in alignment with their intentions, he finds that it comes at a cost: he’d experience bad things happen, like a parking ticket, a car accident, or he’d fall and have an accident.
  • “Business is done not by the product [but] by the people.” ~ Majid Raees
  • Don’t ignore your gut feelings in business interactions. That is your intuition telling you something, and that tends to be 99% right!
  • Small things matter a lot: small promises not kept add up to big things. If you see small things that don’t add up, that means that the big things will likely not add up either.
  • “When you attract something in the universe, it will come way one way or the other. No one can stop it. It’s just meant to be.” ~ Majid Raees
  • “Most people get influenced by other people’s work. I actually use their words to fuel my source of energy and push myself to the best limits. That’s my key: do not ever allow other people’s work to suck your energy. Words are powerful. Use their words to ignite your feelings.” ~ Majid Raees
  • Majid shares what he would tell his younger self.

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P.S. Your strategic sales process can make your business… As long as it is in business alignment with your intentions and actions! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my LATEST BLOG POST here!

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