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Mel Robbins is the international best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule, one of the most booked speakers in the world, and a social media influencer reaching more than 20 million people a month.

Do you find yourself trying to control how a sales call or meeting goes, and then when it doesn’t go as planned you feel like giving up? If so, THIS BLOG POST about living with the unknown is a MUST READ. 

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Mel Robbins.
  • Mel shares that she’s been rejected more times then she can remember.
  • The 5 Second Rule is self-published. Mel shares the story of why she chose to go this route.
  • Mel explains why February 28, 2017 was one of the most important and stressful dates for her.
  • Mel’s book outsold 9 out of the 10 people on the New York Times Best Sellers list, but she did not make the list. She explains why!
  • “If you have the stamina and the courage and the willpower, to not only go for the NO, but look the NO right in the face and keep going anyway, something magical will happen.” ~ Mel Robbins
  • Mel tells us exactly what the magical thing was for her and her book.
  • Mel shares how she picks herself up after experiencing multiple rejections.
  • Mel was the most booked female speaker last year but realized that she wasn’t building a business that she could scale, so she’s begun creating courses, journals and other products.
  • “Saying NO as a business person is one of the most powerful things that you can do.” ~ Mel Robbins
  • Given the chance, the opportunities Mel would have said NO to earlier in her life might surprise you.
  • Mel believes that everything that happens to you, good, bad and ugly, is critical to get you where you are now.
  • Mel shares how she stays connected to her community.
  • The highest value for Mel as a salesperson is content creation.
  • It’s time to start paying attention to what is energizing you versus depleting you.
  • Mel shares what she would tell her younger self.

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P.S. Living in the unknown will allow for BIG THINGS to happen! If you’re ready to get uncomfortable with the unknown, read THIS BLOG POST!