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Jasmine Star Shares How to Out Write and Out Shine Anyone! | Episode 074

Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. She dropped out of law school to pursue her dreams of being a photographer. In less than three years, she built an internationally recognized and award-winning business.  In addition to growing her business, Jasmine began consulting with business owners on how they could use social media to build a brand and grow their businesses.

She’s amassed over 700,000 followers on all of her social platforms and believes others can do the same to grow and pursue their passion…and build a life they love.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Jasmine Star.
  • Jasmine shares a quick overview of who she is and what she does.
  • The longer you’re in business the tougher the NO’s get since there’s more on the line, but the most crushing NO in Jasmine’s career happened her first year in business.
  • In order to create a life of freedom Jasmine decided to become a photographer. Her first NO was given to her by parishioners of her father’s church. She shares the full story!
  • “The worst day as an aspiring entrepreneur is better than a day working for somebody else.” ~ Jasmine Star
  • Jasmine shares three things she learned from hearing her very first NO.
  • In May of 2017, Jasmine was working with her team in NYC on the verge of a huge launch.
  • While Jasmine had been working to launch her product, three of her team members had been working with a competitor, helping them to launch a similar product.
  • This led to Jasmine’s most devastating NO, which also ended up being the best thing.
  • Jasmine shares a few red flags she should have noticed when some of her team was working for the competitor.
  • Back in 2007, Jasmine received her most accomplished NO that led to the turning point in her life.
  • This NO led to Jasmine realizing she was a strong and powerful business owner who would excel at anything she put her mind to.
  • “Every time you do something different or great, you get negativity.” ~ Jasmine Star
  • People will always have opinions. It is up to us to determine whether there is any truth to those opinions.
  • When you see that kernel of truth, you have to determine what you can do to fix that truth – then nothing can stop you.
  • Jasmine knows that she will outwrite, out video, and out shine because she just keeps working and never gives up.
  • Jasmine shares what she would tell her younger self at different iterations of her life.

Connect with Jasmine Star:

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