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Jon Carder started his first company in his college dorm room at the age of 19, selling baby products on the internet.  After selling his second company, ClientShop, for millions at the age of 26 he traveled to the beaches of Indonesia with friends to kick off his early retirement. As his friends returned to their “day jobs” and the initial excitement of retiring young wore off, like many entrepreneurs, he battled boredom and stagnancy. It was in a small hut in Indonesia where he realized he wanted to continue developing his entrepreneurial skills and use them to impact the world in a positive way. Jon is now working on his fourth company, Empyr, a platform that connects online consumers to offline commerce, a trillion dollar market. Empyr also provides a way for nonprofit organizations to raise money from their supporters when they make everyday in-store purchases like eating out or buying groceries.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Jon Carder.
  • Jon shares the story of going to Score to get mentor advice on the new business idea he had.
  • In 1999 Jon’s idea seemed crazy. Jon tells the whole story.
  • Hearing NO may shake Jon’s confidence, but he explains what he actually believes NO means.
  • NO’s only set Jon back for a little while. He explains how he handles each NO he receives.
  • Jon explains the vision and journey of his original business, Baby Heaven.
  • “Bootstrapping lesson 101: You wanna make sure you have enough cash. You shouldn’t grow too fast and outgrow your cash abilities.” ~ Jon Carder
  • One of Jon’s most devastating NO’s came from his second business Client Shop. Jon explains why and how it happened.
  • Picking yourself up from a dark spot in life can be tough. Jon shares how he does it.
  • Jon shares why he turned an investor down and how it’s led to how he decides whether to work with a specific investor or not.
  • There are some red flags to look for when you’re looking for investors. Jon shares his top three.
  • Professional vs. the Inexperienced Investor – Jon explains the difference.
  • Jon shares what he’d tell his younger self.

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