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David Hill Wants You to Practice Building Your Resilience Muscle

David Hill started in real estate with Keller Williams in 2003 and sold the impressive number of 42 homes in his first year in business. David is a Keller Williams Certified National Instructor and author of The Sales Playbook. He has the equivalent of a triple master’s degree in telephone prospecting from being in sales and prospecting for 29 years. David is married to his beautiful wife Vee, and has two daughters with another on the way. David lives by the famous words of Zig Ziglar “Help enough people get what they want and you end up with what you want.”

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces David Hill.
  • David talks about his early sales experience.
  • When David started working for a realtor he was cold calling people. He shares his story.
  • David shares why he believes he is so resilient when it comes to business. He and Michelle go deep.
  • Michelle and David talk about some of the work they do with children.
  • The first year David worked for Keller Williams he connected with a potential client but it didn’t go as planned. He shares all the details, and what he learned.
  • When things aren’t going right for David, he just picks up the phone and starts calling.
  • “Everything’s about playing to win.” ~ David Hill
  • New real estate agents will often chase anything, but David explains why it’s better to have a pre-qualification process.
  • David shares his entire story of trying to go for his BOLD certification with Keller Williams.
  • David shares what he’d tell his younger self.

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