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Christine McDannell Shares How She Protected Her Business Legally | Success Unfiltered Episode 030

Christine McDannell is the passionate Founder of Eco Chateau Wellness Spa, San Diego’s #1 rated Wellness Spa with two locations which she recently just sold. She is a serial entrepreneur who has already owned and ran seven different companies in the past 14 years, including two six-figure exits. Her newest ventures are The Luxe Car Collective and Kindred Quarters. Aside from business, she is a car enthusiast, and loves racing motorcycles, running marathons, and traveling the world.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Christine McDannell
  • Christine shares how she is an optimist and has never believed that a NO is a failure.
  • When Christine was in her 20s she owned a cleaning business that was very successful, but she shares a great story and lesson from working with employees.
  • Christine doesn’t cry much, but she does get pissed off and takes her anger out on the pavement.
  • “Hire Slow. Fire Fast.” ~ Christine McDannell
  • Christine loves competition and proving people wrong. Any time someone tries to cross her, she does her best to grow her business even more.
  • Eco Chateau, Christine’s business which she recently sold, was involved in a devastating lawsuit that lasted 2 years.
  • Christine and Michelle discuss budgeting for the expense of having business insurance and having legal counsel available if you need them.
  • Christine shares the story of how she came to rent the building that Eco Chateau is housed in.
  • Christine does not take NO for an answer and takes her time to determine how she can make a NO a YES.
  • When Christine’s business was in a tough spot and she had to ask for money, no one came through. She shares the whole story of how she handled it.
  • “Don’t try to control everything, and don’t micromanage.” ~ Christine McDannell
  • Christine shares a bit about her two news businesses.
  • Christine shares what she’d tell her younger self.

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