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celebrate small victories

Are you celebrating ALL of your business wins? Do you ONLY celebrate the big wins, or are you taking the time to note and celebrate small victories, too?

Catharine Arnston has a thirty year career as an international Attache for the Canadian British Governments, publisher of an international magazine and Founder of three startups. But in 2009 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist to change her diet to an alkaline one because it could help her heal, Catharine put her career on hold to help her sister. In the process, she discovered algae, the most alkaline, nutrient-dense plant in the world that no one seemed to know about. Catharine knew algae would be a game changer for the world if she could just help Americans understand it. And this is when ENERGYbits was born.

What kind of small business wins should you be celebrating? In THIS BLOG POST, I’m sharing some of the wins you might be overlooking, and some tips and tricks on how you can celebrate small victories (without breaking the bank)!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Catharine Arnston.
  • Catherine shares about her business, and how it got started.
  • Catharine had NO knowledge of her industry when she started her business, and she started from the ground up! She had to learn her product, her market – everything!
  • She started researching algae to help her sister, but it ended up changing her life.
  • Catharine found that people knew that they needed more greens in their diet, they just didn’t know how to incorporate them into their diets.
  • “I’m trying to build an industry, not just a company.” ~ Catharine Arnston
  • Catharine shares about her experiences with venture capitalists, and why she chose to say NO to them!
  • If you’re thinking about applying to be on Shark Tank, remember, it’s like a full time job.
  • “Never give up on your dream, no matter how big it is.” ~ Catharine Arnston
  • “The success that you’re going to see comes from putting one foot in front of the other every single day.” ~ Catharine Arnston
  • Catharine found that as they marketed their product as a sports nutrition product, the industry had NO place for it.
  • Their NO didn’t come from customers: it came from the industry!
  • This led to a pivot in the business, and they began working with chiropractors and those in the wellness industry to market to them to sell to their patients, who were used to alternative wellness products.
  • “By staying open to opportunity, we found our perfect spot.” ~ Catharine Arnston
  • Entrepreneurs can be so close to their product that they miss the opportunities that are slightly “outside the box.” If you’re not paying attention to opportunities, you’ll only find NO.
  • Catharine shares some of the unique struggles of being a smaller brand.
  • You’ve got to celebrate small victories: the big wins, and the small wins.
  • Let go of the feeling of not being enough: focus on what you have accomplished.
  • Earn success a little bit at a time: Catharine found all of her retailers just one at a time. 
  • Most of the time, the company that you start with is not the one you will end up with: learn how to be ok with that.
  • Catharine shares what she would tell her younger self.

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When was the last time you celebrated something in your business? If you said it’s been awhile, then it’s time to celebrate small victories! Not sure what I mean when I say small victory, THIS BLOG POST explains it all.

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