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Bobby Cardwell Shares Why You Need a “Red Rope” Policy for Clients and Investors | Episode 083

In 2011, Bobby Cardwell created Health Talks Online as a full-service web, marketing and production answer for those in the functional medicine space. The company created technology solutions via individual websites, social media integration and leveraging the various technology platforms to reach a global audience and help clients reach the masses with their important health messages, products and services.

Do you have standards and procedures in place that help ensure you’re only working with people who are your ideal clients? In THIS BLOG POST learn why creating a list of standards for your clients is so important.   

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Bobby Cardwell.
  • Bobby shares a little bit about what his company does.
  • When Bobby created his company he was told NO in many different ways. People said he’d go bankrupt and that what he was creating wouldn’t work, but that didn’t stop him. Bobby shares the full story in this episode.
  • If you’re struggling with naysayers and people telling you that you’re bound to fail, Bobby offers some incredible advice to get through this.
  • When an incredible opportunity came up, Bobby and his business partner had to turn them away because it was going to take them away from their goals. Bobby explains that aligning with their goals of helping as many people as possible makes it easier to say NO to those bigger opportunities.
  • Another great way to make it easier to stay focused on your goals is to create a top ten list of goals and standards and keep your focus on those.
  • Bobby’s most devastating NO occurred when he and his business partner Bob decided to bring on a third business partner. This NO cost the company $75K and led to some financial trouble. Bobby shares all the juicy details in this episode!
  • If you’re considering bringing on a business partner, be sure to do your due diligence and research them EVEN if you are friends. Friends do not always make the best business partners.
  • Bobby shares three additional tips for ensuring you bring on the right type of business partners.
  • After the trouble with the third business partner, Bobby had to be incredibly transparent with everyone involved with his company because it hit them pretty hard financially.
  • Health Talks Online has basically been bootstrapped by Bobby and Bob and they’re proud of that. They frequently turn investors away because they want a controlling portion of the company and the investors’ visions just don’t align with Bobby’s.
  • Bobby shares what he does to avoid burnout within his business.
  • Bobby shares what he would tell his younger self.

Connect with Bobby Cardwell:

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P.S. It’s tough to turn potential clients or investors away, but sometimes, if their visions don’t align with yours, it HAS TO happen! In THIS BLOG POST, I’m sharing why creating a “Red Rope” policy is necessary! 

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