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How To Overcome Obstacles

When you’re working through the puzzle of your business, do you start with your biggest obstacles or do you start with the easy wins?

Amy Lacey is the founder and CEO of Cali’flour Foods, the original gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb cauliflower crust. The company humbly began out of Amy Lacey’s kitchen when she and her children were baking cauliflower crust pizzas for their Friday game nights instead of the typical flour-based crust.

Inspired by her Lupus diagnosis in 2010, Amy realized she needed to change her eating habits if she was going to have long-term health and success, and wanted foods that were nutritional without compromising on taste. From spending hours baking cauliflower crusts with her family to selling them at her local farmers markets, Amy is on a mission to make delicious food accessible for all with Cali’flour Foods. Since creating the first no mess, no-stress cauliflower crust, Amy has grown Cali’flour Foods and started offering other cauliflower product including cauliflower and lentil pasta and new cauliflower thins. Just like the cauliflower crust, the pasta and cauliflower thins are healthy and better for you without sacrificing on taste.

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Amy Lacey.
  • After a Lupus diagnosis, Amy switched to a whole food, clean eating diet to help manage her symptoms
  • As friends and family tasted her foods, they knew that she had hit on an amazing product and had to create a company to share it with more people.
  • When deciding on the first product to make in mass quantity, Amy remembered the feedback she had gotten on her cauliflower pizza crust and how people loved it.
  • It was the hardest product to make at scale! But Amy tackled it and perfected her recipe.
  • “I love serving people, and I love filling a need.” ~ Amy Lacey
  • Cali’flour Foods was born to meet a specific need – foods with no fillers that many people with dietary restrictions could eat.
  • Amy started with it because it was the biggest need in her community, was the hardest to make, and perhaps the product that she believed in the most. Even her picky children would eat it!
  • When she pitched the idea at a trade show, Albertsons showed interest in carrying the product in all their stores but had confused Cali’Flour Foods with another similar company that used fillers.
  • Amy could have compromised and could have added fillers, which would have reduced the cost and would have sold her product more easily, but that would have been a compromise that she was unwilling to make.
  • Amy turned down multiple offers to compromise her product!
  • Amy operates off the 5 P’s of business: people, purpose, product, passion, and perseverance.
  • When they tackled eCommerce, the company used testimonials to share the story of the product, and went from $7,000 in a month revenue to $124,000 in a month in revenue!
  • “Facts tell, but testimonials sell.” ~ Amy Lacey
  • Never make a decision on fear. Instead turn fear into action. You may not see results right away, but if you keep going you WILL see results.
  • “I made a great message out of my mess, and am paying it forward. If I had let NO keep spiraling me downward and not had the courage to break out of that fear, I would never be where I am now.” ~ Amy Lacey
  • Everything changes in business, nothing stays the same.
  • Amy shares what she would tell her younger self.

Connect with Amy:

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