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How do you know that your intentions are pure in your business? More importantly, are your actions and intentions in alignment? When your actions and intentions are in alignment creating a strategic sales process becomes easy!

When I was with FITzee Foods, what I like to call my ten-year MBA program, I learned the hard way about how intentions and actions should be in alignment.

You may have heard me telling a few stories about my time building my company, and how I had some issues with the COO. 

He made some not-so-pure decisions. His intentions were good, for sure – he wanted to see good things happen for the business! 

But the problem is, he went about solving business problems in all the wrong ways. We had problems with employees stealing food, and he even hired illegal immigrants. 

We would have done better to just turn away clients, telling them the truth, that we didn’t have the capacity to serve them. Our sales operation was disrupted because of the poor actions of the COO.

Instead, we were just on a decline until we finally did close the doors on FITzee Foods in March of 2017.

So many things could have changed if our actions and intentions had been pure and in alignment.

Majid Raees, a guest on the Success Unfiltered Podcast, learned from a very young age about intentions and actions. As a 13 year old, he dreamed of being one of Pakistan’s top kickboxing fighters. From there, he wanted to become a global champion! 

He made his dreams come true, and attributes it to having pure intentions. Now, he helps celebrities and CEOs align intentions so that they can achieve their best success.

Majid said it’s a gift to know if your intentions and actions are pure and aligning them with your strategic sales process, and I agree! If I had that gift with FITzee Foods, then things may have gone quite differently. 

Here are a few ways that you can know if your intentions and actions will work with your sales system.

Results Happen

An easy way to know if your actions and intentions are in alignment is by looking at results. Are the desired results happening? Is your strategic sales process actually working?

There is a good chance that you’ve been able to dig deep into your particular gifts and abilities, and are using them to their maximum potential.

Everyone has gifts and abilities, according to Majid. The problem is that most of us are not using them to their maximum potential.

Using these gifts and abilities to their potential is most likely to happen when we have pure intentions.

Small Things Add Up

Most of the time, people are looking at the big things that we do as an indicator of our character: things like our charitable work.

Majid thinks differently: he watches for the small actions that people take.

It’s faithfulness in the little things that are an indicator of how they will work with the bigger things later, he notes. 

If you see small things that don’t add up, chances are, the big things are not going to add up later, when the stakes are higher.

If the small things do add up, then you know that you can approach them with more confidence.

This is a great tool to add to your strategic sales process to learn more about potential investors and business partners, to see if they have pure intentions in partnering with you.

Do the things that they say add up? Are the small details adding up? They just may be the perfect pure fit for your business!

Things Go Smoothly

Majid always knows when he is working with a client whose intentions and actions are not in alignment.  It’s weird, he says, “Things just went wrong.”

A parking ticket. A car accident. A fall, when leaving the gym. 

Things just go badly.

Majid believes that the universe gets what is meant to be. For example, if you are meant to have the right clients, nothing will stop you from connecting with them.

In Conclusion

Pure intentions and pure actions will bring your business into alignment. Focus on doing the right thing, and digging deep into your gifts and abilities. When you do this, you can tap into your “super powers” and achieve success!

When you are meant to have success, nothing will stand in your way. The universe will make it happen, and no one can stop it.

Have you ever dealt with a misaligned intentions from either you, and investor, or even a client? How did you overcome them?

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