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Do you know how to stand out in business? Do you ever worry about the competition that surrounds you?

There are simple things that you can do to make you more noticeable to clients and customers. Often, it’s as simple as giving 100%. 

Think about this for a minute… When you’re working with your clients and customers, can you truly say that you are giving 100%? Or, maybe you’re ONLY giving 20%, or 30%. 

If you really desire to learn how to stand out, and get the attention of those you work with, you must find ways to give 100%!

I give 100% to my coaching clients. 

In fact, one of those clients has been working on enrolling a new client in a $30,000 engagement. It’s been months of set up, preparation, and then it was go time! You bet throughout that whole time I’ve emailing and calling my client to make sure that they are fully prepared.

I sent an email just this morning to follow up again, and ask how things have been going since the deal closed.

My goal is to give 100% to my coaching clients: I am 100% invested in their success!

I want to be memorable to each and every client that I work with.

Ross Sapir, a guest on the Success Unfiltered Podcast, decided to start a moving company in New York City. He started completely unknown, with a couple of basic moving trucks. Now he employs thousands of people, and has a fleet of trucks! His company’s reputation for going the extra mile has resulted in call after call of people wanting to hire his company. 

You’ll never believe what beloved celebrity called him to help her move!

How did Ross go from cold calling with no returned calls to fielding celebrity calls? He gave 100% in his business! Read on to be inspired on how you can give 100% in your business and learn how to stand out!

Give 100% in Your Commitment to Your Client

You’ve just enrolled a new client! Congratulations!! 

Now, it’s your turn to say YES to your client’s success. You need to begin looking for ways that you can proactively anticipate and meet those needs. 

Want to know how to stand out?? There are so many ways to show commitment, here are just seven ideas to get you started:

Be Personal

Get to know your clients! Get to know their needs, their pain points, their celebrations, and what they are trying to overcome. 

When you know them personally, you demonstrate to them that you’re committed to them! It’s time to get vulnerable with them.

THIS is how to show you are outstanding at your job!

Empower Employees

When it came time to make cold calls, Ross took the lead. He didn’t want to ask his employees to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do. 

In fact, rather than just do what he expected from them, he did more than he expected them to do. If he wanted his employees to make 100 cold calls a day, he would make 200. 

By stepping up and leading by example, Ross showed his employees how together they could build a successful business. 

Give 100% by Going the Extra Mile

Are you meeting client expectations? That’s great! These days, that’s not enough to stand out. 

When you go the extra mile, that’s how to stand out! This shows your clients that you care enough about them to go above and beyond. 

So what does going the extra mile look like in your business?

Here’s just a few ideas:

  • It could mean extra coaching sessions when your client is on the verge of a breakthrough.
  • It could mean extra reports for investors.
  • It could mean working extra, on a new product.

The best part about going the extra mile is that it’s going to look different for every business. What works for one business is not going to be the same thing that works for another.

You’ll learn what it means to go above and beyond by getting to know your client and their needs better than ever.

Give 100% in Communication

One of the best things that you can give with the people that you are working with is communication. When you have investors, or clients, they love communication! They enjoy knowing that you are working, and they are seeing a return on their investment. 

We know that it can take a while for people to get a return on our investment – I mean, entrepreneurs can often take years to start seeing a profit. But, anything that you can do to help communicate the process, will help! Just another tip on how to stand out!

There are a few things that you can do to help communicate more effectively.

Create Social Media Channels

Set up your Facebook page, your Instagram account, and all of your social media accounts! You can communicate with people who want to hear from you. Facebook and Instagram pages are great public-facing pages where you can share updates.

If you’re looking for a more private way to share more detailed information, you can always create a Facebook group for insiders. Perhaps they are people who use your product, or they are investors who need more frequent updates. You can create a feeling of community around your work and communication.

Send out Update Emails 

Do you have one client, or hundreds? It’s time to get them on an email list! Sending emails to larger groups has become easier with mail programs, both free and paid. You can put together professional looking emails that will help your people know what’s going on. 

Create a Blog

Keep a blog up to date, and give behind the scenes information. Having a blog is a lot of work, and you may need to pass it off to an employee, but it can be a place where people go to find out what is going on with your company.

You can share behind the scenes information, help people learn how to invest in you (or buy your products), or you can even use your blog as part of your sales funnel, to bring new people to you!

These are just a few unique ways on how to stand out from other contractors to your clients and customers.

In Conclusion

Are you giving 100% in your business? When you give 100%, it will show in how you connect with your clients, and referrals will begin rolling in. People will know that you will do what it takes to make things happen! So what does giving 100% look like for you? 

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