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Do you celebrate your business wins? I’m not talking about the huge wins, where you finally hit your 7 figure revenue goals, or you sign on a huge distributor for your product. I’m talking about the small wins. 

Believe it or not, those are JUST as important.

The YES that you get from a new investor. When you get new followers, or hit milestones on your social media pages – those are all important little victories that eventually make a big difference in your business. 

For me, it could be a new sponsor for the podcast. Or maybe a new coaching client.

I got called out about this recently, and it challenged how I celebrate the small wins in my business. I was on vacation in Spain with a friend and fellow Shark Tank veteran. 

She said, “Michelle, you never celebrate your wins. It’s like just another day in paradise.”

The crazy part is, she was right! I’ve been so busy chasing my to-do list and all of my big goals that I wasn’t celebrating all of my business wins: even the so-called “small” wins!

It was time for a change: I started celebrating every achievement!

Now, I intentionally do something special when I get a YES! 

It may differ from time to time, but when I get a win, I do something that I really love, to celebrate. Maybe I’ll go get my hair done at Dry Bar, or perhaps I’ll go get a massage. 

The important thing is that I am celebrating all of my wins.

Catharine Arnston, a guest on the Success Unfiltered Podcast, didn’t just set out to start a company: she decided to start an entire industry. As she went through trying to find and target her ideal client, and find suppliers, she realized the importance of celebrating each and every win along the way, no matter how small.

So how can you go about celebrating your wins? And what kind of wins should you celebrate? And most importantly, how can you start a culture of celebration?

Celebrate ALL Business Wins

Let’s face it: we’re always ready to celebrate the big wins. We’re all excited, and ready to party when we land the big deal, sign an agreement with a Shark, make our first 7 or 8 figures in revenue – those are obvious wins!

But it’s the day-to-day wins that we need to note and celebrate. Here’s just a few wins you may want to celebrate:

  • Hiring a new team member to free up more time for yourself to work on top line revenue
  • Adding a new product to your line-up
  • Discovery call with a new potential client
  • Client sharing with you how your services/coaching has led to increased revenue
  • Making it through a tough quarter in your business
  • Making payroll

These things may not always seem like the biggest accomplishments, but when you look back at where you were when you started life as an entrepreneur, these probably felt like huge obstacles! 

Taking time to celebrate these small  wins helps you see how much you’ve grown, and how much you’ve learned along the way. What are some of the smaller victories that you need to begin celebrating?

Celebrate Wins As a Team

Remember: you never win alone! 

I know that I could not produce this podcast alone. I rely on my audio editor, and my writer, and my interns to be able to help get this content prepared.

When I win, it’s because I have had the help that I needed to get here. That’s why when we have small wins within the business, I celebrate with them! I want my team to know that I appreciate all their hard work, and how it impacts the business. 

When you experience a win, make sure that you celebrate with the people who are involved!

You don’t have to do big, expensive things: celebrating wins can be as simple as going around the table at a meeting, and each of you sharing a win for that week, and each taking turns cheering for the others.

Creating a culture of celebration helps your team to realize that you’re grateful for all of their help, and that you care about their success. You are leading, and showing them how they can run their own businesses, whether it be as a virtual assistant, a contracted writer, social media strategist, or whatever! 

Your actions help train other entrepreneurs to say YES to celebrating all of their business achievements!

Celebrate Wins in a Meaningful Way

When I celebrate those “small wins,” I do it with things that I enjoy. They aren’t huge “budget busters,” but they are simple things that I look forward to. 

Here are a few of the ways that I celebrate these business wins to help inspire you:

  • I go to Dry Bar and get my hair done
  • I book a massage
  • Buy something I’ve been eyeing at Lululemon

These are those small treats that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to, and I’ve made them even more special by choosing them as how I celebrate wins in my business.

You don’t have to celebrate the same way that I do, but here are a few suggestions, including some free ways you can celebrate!

  • Do a getaway at a nice local hotel or Airbnb for the weekend
  • Book a massage
  • Grab a speciality coffee that you love (or grab that green juice, if you’re like me!)
  • Take a half day off work, and go spend time outdoors
  • Take a social media/internet break for a day and do something refreshing
  • Sleep in or take a nap
  • Go do something artistic and creative
  • Find an activity you’ve never done before, and do it!
  • Go to the movies
  • Read a book solely for pleasure, not personal development

These are all such little things, but you can make them special and meaningful for you! 

In Conclusion

Are you celebrating the small wins in your business? Are you celebrating ALL of your business wins (even the small ones?) If you aren’t celebrating even the small ones, I’d like to challenge you to start celebrating them! You’ll be amazed at how choosing to celebrate even the smallest of wins gives you a boost in your business! 

If you do start celebrating your wins, please post about it on Instagram, and tag me, @thepitchqueen. I’d love to see those celebrations, and cheer with you!

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