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What currency are you spending the most in your business? The easy answer is money, but the more important answer is energy. Are you ready to boost your energy in business?

Entrepreneurs invest a lot of money into their business. Developing products, taking courses, paying employees, & travelling to meet with potential investors just to name a few.

I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars into my businesses over the years.

Would you believe me if I said that this was NOT the most important currency that you spend, though? In fact, money is simply a byproduct of how you spend that most important currency.

I’m talking about your energy. 

You only have so much energy, and it’s amazing how quickly it gets spent.

You spend energy when you hear NO and have to emotionally process that. You spend energy when you present to investors. Everything that you do is spending some of that limited currency that you get – and when it’s gone, it’s gone! So, it’s important to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of energy consumption, so that you can boost your energy in business.

The best part is, YOU get to choose what you say YES and what you spend your energy on. 

I learned with FITzee Foods that the best place I could spend my energy was on increasing top line revenue. When I made this choice, I saw the investment in my energy begin to increase.

Darin Olien, a guest on the Success Unfiltered Podcast, became known as the superfood hunter. He had to learn how to protect his energy when he found out that everyone in his family didn’t support him – and actually were begging him not to go on international trips to find new superfoods.

So what should you be spending your energy on? Here are some do’s and dont’s of where and how you should be spending your energy, so that you can boost your energy in business later.

DO: Spend Your Energy on Growing Top Line Revenue

If you’ve been listening to the Success Unfiltered Podcast for any length of time, or reading my blog posts, then you’ve probably heard me say that if you don’t have top line revenue, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby!

Increasing my top line revenue has always been one of my number one goals. 

That means that I have to spend my energy on doing things that specifically increase top line revenue. 

What are some of those things that increase that top line revenue?

That also means that I have to let go of some tasks that don’t increase my top line revenue:

  • Human Resources
  • Hiring (and firing) employees
  • Day-to-day operations

I had to choose to say NO to spending my energy on tasks that didn’t increase my top line revenue. Could FITzee Foods grow if I was the one in the kitchen preparing meal kits? NO! Currently, could my coaching program for accountants grow if I spend my time editing my YouTube videos? NO! 

Choosing to spend my time on those activities that increase top line revenue has always had an incredible payoff! And, is exactly how you can learn to boost your energy in business.

DO: Spend Energy on Overcoming Objections

What happens when you hear a NO? 

How do you respond?

We’ve talked about this so many times on Success Unfiltered. We’ve all heard a soul-crushing NO. We’ve all had that moment that we’ve never seen coming.

It takes energy to overcome that NO!

So how can you wisely spend your energy on overcoming that NO without letting it hold you back?

Here’s a few tips:

  • Take time to sit and process that NO. 
  • Don’t take immediate action! 
  • Ask yourself why this person/investor/company said NO!
  • What can you learn from this NO?

You’ll experience NO and rejection in your business, that is a definite, but what defines your success is how you respond to that NO! Do you let it suck every last bit of energy out of you, or do you use it as a way to learn how to avoid NO’s in the future? The latter will allow you to keep your energy high within your business.

DON’T: Spend Energy On Objections

This is slightly different from the last point that I made, but super important. You definitely need to spend your time on overcoming objections and NO’s, but there are some objections that you need to say NO to, instead of wasting your energy on overcoming them. 

What happens when your family doesn’t support you in your business?

Have you excitedly told your family about your business, and met with a less-than-warm response? 

Darin Olien was so excited about his trips around the world hunting for superfoods that he wrote letters to his family, telling them all about what he was doing.

He was surprised when his family said NO to his adventures, begging him to say NO and stay home! 

As he dug deeper into their NO, he found that it was rooted in fear. They were afraid of what could happen to him as he traveled the world.

Darin found that the energy that he spent in dealing with that NO was exhausting to him, and holding him back!

He told them NO instead, and stopped telling them beforehand about his trips. Now, he views his energy as sacred, and is careful who he shares that with. That has helped him to be able to invest even more in his business, and in finding new superfoods to share with the world!

You can do the same thing!! By choosing your NO’s, you can boost your energy in business!

Do you find yourself dealing with a similar situation? Perhaps your family sees you working constantly, and asks you to stop. Maybe they see how you’re investing in yourself, and going to conferences and taking high-level courses. They’re asking you how much money you’re spending, and loudly talk about it. 

You can say NO to that! You don’t need to spend your energy on the objections of others who are not going to help your business grow. 

In Conclusion

Your energy is a limited resource, but you get to choose how you spend it. When you are smart and strategic about how you spend that energy, you’re able to invest it wisely in your business, and you’ll see the results!

How do you invest your energy? What are your do’s and dont’s for how you spend your energy? Tell me more about where and how you invest your energy in the comments! 

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