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Do you ever feel so emotionally connected to your pitch that when you hear a NO it’s one of the most crushing words that you’ve ever heard? Then it’s time to work on and develop the sales mindset of a sales professional!

We all know the pain of rejection, but sometimes, there’s a rejection that hurts more than the rest… 

The pitch you’re emotionally connected to.

Being emotionally connected to your pitch puts you on an emotional roller coaster when you hear NO. It also makes this 24/7 sales job that we signed up for even more stressful and hard. 

It’s when you’re able to detach yourself from the emotional portion of the sales situation, improve your sales attitude, and focus on providing service and getting to a YES that you’re able to help the roller coaster of entrepreneurship become a more manageable ride.

Jarrod Glandt, a guest on the Success Unfiltered Podcast, learned to remove emotions from his pitch. One of his first pitches, a multi-million dollar deal that he thought was a sure thing, got him a devastating NO! Jarrod learned from that NO and focused on learning from the experience. Now, he works for Grant Cardone as vice president of sales – and he’s learned a thing or two along the way!

Is the Answer Really a YES?

Jarrod was excited about his upcoming pitch he had. He knew that he had it down, and was confident that he would hear a YES from the prospect. 

He’d practiced, knew his product was unlike anything on the market, and that this was a perfect fit! As he pitched, though, he watched the stony faces of his potential clients. They did not appear to be interested at all.

After the pitch was over, his prospects left the room to consult, and quickly came back with an answer. 


Jarrod was devastated. This was a huge pitch for him, and he’d already celebrated the upcoming YES (a practice he now strongly discourages, by the way). 

Once he recovered from the rejection, Jarrod took some time to reflect and evaluate what happened. When he investigated the situation, he found out that hearing a YES was never an option: the client only had a 6 figure budget, and he pitched a 7 figure service.

Jarrod learned an important lesson through: for every victory, there is a defeat. The high comes with the low, and to avoid the deep disappointment and emotional defeat, Jarrod learned to detach his emotions from his pitches build his sales mindset of a sales professional.

Focus on Service

When it comes to keeping emotions out of your pitch, I understand…  I am, after all, The Pitch Queen. I’ve given hundreds of pitches, and still hear many NOs, even today!

If you’re struggling with keeping emotions out of your pitches, I’d like to challenge you to change your perspective.

What if, instead of focusing on the YES and NO, you focused on serving others? 

Removing the emotional connection that you have to the victory of a YES can help you focus on your client instead on what you are pitching: Focusing on the  offer and value you bring to your potential client. This is the epitome of the successful mentality of a sales professional.

If they say NO to you, that’s ok! That helps push you towards someone else that you can serve. 

When you take this approach, you shift your perspective to be one of searching for the right person that you can offer the best value to. By choosing to see a NO as a redirect to the right person, you’re able to find the best fit for the value that you have to offer.

Your sales pitch is no longer about you and your feelings: it focuses completely out on your client and what you have to offer them, and how you can help solve their problems with the help from your product or service.

Tips for Developing the Sales Mindset of a Sales Professional

How can you learn to remove the emotions from your pitch? You can’t just say “I will not have emotions connected to this pitch.” It actually takes work.

Practice Pitching Through Cold Calling

Want to get tough skin in sales? Do cold calls. The constant rejection carries an important sales lesson for every entrepreneur: you can’t take a NO personally. 

Those who are successful in sales learn how to detach themselves from the results of the pitch when cold calling. Hearing NO repeatedly can be crushing: however, it helps you toughen up and learn how to deal with rejection! Embrace the attitude of a true salesperson.

Do Your Research

You can help mitigate the emotional connection to the results when you work with the facts. Doing your research on your client, asking the right questions to get the data that you need, will help you know exactly how you need to pitch to them.

Jarrod learned after his pitch that his client had a 6 figure budget, but Jarrod pitched a 7 figure service. 

Knowing the facts before you go into the pitch will help you know what parameters you’re working with, and give you a good idea of what to expect.

Reset Your Mindset

Mindset plays a big role in this process of removing emotions from your pitch. It’s also going to take a constant practice. 

Find an emotional outlet that helps you relieve stress. You’ll find me at the gym every day. If you watch me on my Instagram stories (you can find me @thepitchqueen) then you know that I workout almost every single day. From weights at the gym to aerial yoga, I use exercise as my outlet. 

Some people meditate, and others, like me, exercise. This helps me to reset.

In Conclusion

Entrepreneurship can feel like a roller coaster. There are daily ups and downs, as we embrace uncertainty and adventure. We can mitigate some of the stress that comes with the constant pitches: of anxiously waiting for the YES and NO from a client. When we detach ourselves from the emotional connection to our work, we can avoid some of that stress and the ups and downs of the seemingly constant rejections.

What are some of the ways in which you mitigate your emotional connection to your pitch when you are with clients? Tell me in the comments, and make sure you don’t miss Jarrod’s full episode HERE.

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