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Don’t Wait, Start Now: Success in Business is All About Your Mindset

Have you ever wondered the key to entrepreneurial success?

Let me put it this way instead. How many times have you put off starting a business? Or, we can think smaller, how many times have you held yourself back from taking a small risk in your business because you feared what would happen if you failed (or, possibly, even if you succeeded)?

Far too often, entrepreneurs wait to start a business or make a shift because they’re waiting to have enough money, more time or an original idea.

I’m here to tell you that you need to stop waiting, the time to act on your ideas and gut intuition is NOW. Life is NOW!

It might hurt to hear this, but you’ll likely never have enough money, you will definitely never have more time, and original ideas are hard to come by. But, none of these things should hold you back!

Waiting does nothing but prolong any risks that are associated with starting a business or even jumping onto an existing idea in an already operating business. Starting a business will ALWAYS be risky and you will ALWAYS feel nervous (and scared), but if it’s something that you want badly enough… taking action NOW, is the only way to get it.

Not to mention, that if you’re afraid that it’s not going to work out, it probably won’t work out. Putting that negative energy out there is only going to reflect back onto you. Take those negative thoughts, and work to shift them into the positive mindset.

I actually just posted something very similar to Facebook, and I think you all need to hear it!

Stop waiting for next year. Stop waiting for next week. Stop waiting for Friday or for life. Happiness is actually achieved when you stop waiting and make the most of what you do have now.

We all go through tough times, but ultimately each of us has the decision to change our thoughts and our environment.

As Norman Vincent Peale states, “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”

And, please remember, be grateful for every day you’ve been given. Some of us have never actually had the chance to experience today. And tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Entrepreneurial Success is All In Your Mindset

At the age of 17, Jenna Phillips Ballard, a recent guest on Success Unfiltered, had a head trauma accident, where she actually experienced brain damage.

Her doctor’s did not believe that she would ever graduate from high school. In fact, they told Jenna’s mother that she shouldn’t even attempt to try again.

Jenna was 17 years old and had one semester left of high school, while she doesn’t remember everything that happened during the time after her injury, she remembers a very important conversation with her doctor.

Jenna shared that she was sitting, listening to the doctor talking to her mother, saying things like, Jenna would not be able to graduate. Even though Jenna couldn’t put her thoughts into words, her drive and her mindset, kept telling her that she WOULD do it.

She knew in that moment that she would graduate on time, and she did.

From that moment forward, Jenna went back to school, applied herself and did not miss a single day of school. She worked her butt off and did everything she had to do to pull off her graduation.

If she had listened to the doctor’s prognosis and decided that what he had said was right, she never would have graduated on time.

Jenna literally turned everything the doctor said around, and told herself that she WOULD graduate and she did! She put her fear and any resistance she had aside, to achieve the goal she most wanted at the time, to graduate.

Please understand, I am NOT saying that you need to go out and experience a life threatening injury in order to understand this concept. What you do need to do is just make up your mind and do the work.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t have the right tools, or that you don’t feel ready. All that is, is your ego trying to protect you and keep you small, and safe. You get to decide that you are worthy of being bigger than your scared ego.

You are in charge of making those choices!! You just have to be brave enough to push past the resistance.

Opportunities vs. Distractions

Do you know the difference between something that is an opportunity, and something that is a distraction? Distractions LOVE to get themselves all dressed up as opportunities.

In Jenna’s episode, Jenna shared a really incredible way to distinguish between opportunities and distractions. You start by writing down ten laws that define your purpose.

These can be things like, “I make more than enough money to handle all of my bills” or “I only work 15 hours per week.” Basically you write down anything that is descriptive of the life you actually want to lead.

Then, when an opportunity or a distraction comes up, you take the list you’ve created and you look at the list and compare it to the “opportunity”. If you determine if it lines up with the purpose you’ve outlined for yourself, then it is considered an opportunity, but if it doesn’t line up, then it’s simply a distraction.

You decide then and there that you will not waste your time on that.

This may seem simplistic, but it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. You NO longer have to worry about whether a decision you make will take you towards your goals or further away from.

You have what you want in front of you, make the decision that takes you toward that.

In Conclusion

Entrepreneurial success all comes down to your mindset. You can have whatever you want, if you are willing to work towards that and do whatever it takes.

What are some of the thoughts that you can change right now? How can you start working towards what you desire, instead of perpetually waiting? There is always a solution!

What have you been allowing to hold you back from taking big leaps in your business? I would love for you to share in the comments!

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