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Have you set boundaries in your business yet for the types of clients you will work with?

If you answered NO, then it’s about time you start!

As entrepreneurs, it’s REALLY easy to become overwhelmed and overworked.

It typically starts by taking on any and all clients that come your way, simply because you feel like you NEED MORE CLIENTS. Then, you start feeling desperate for money, so you’ll take on anyone that is willing to invest in your services.

At that point, you may realize you hit that first coveted $10K month, but you’re working with clients that don’t light you up, in fact, they kill your energy. And, you don’t have time to enjoy any of the money that you’re making because you’re so overworked since you are undercharging your super needy clients.

Sound familiar?

To some of you, this is probably way TOO familiar. I understand because I’ve personally been there before.

When I started The Pitch Queen, I hadn’t quite settled on a niche. I was a sought after sales strategist, which was incredible, but I was working with any entrepreneur that was willing to invest in me.

I can’t lie, it felt incredible to be working with people who wanted to work with me, but my energy started to suffer. I wasn’t enjoying the people that I worked with as much as I knew I should. I hadn’t established my energetic minimums, as a recent guest on Success Unfiltered simply, put it, so I wasn’t enjoying my work as much.

Just about a year into my new business, I took time to really narrow down who I wanted to work with. What type of clients would light me up and keep me excited to jump on the phone each and every day? I established my energetic minimums.

I realized that there were bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs who were out there trying to sell higher-level services without much luck. They hadn’t set THEIR OWN energetic minimums and were still taking on any client, even the small ones that don’t bring in much money.

I decided that I wanted to help those accountants learn how to sell without feeling sleazy and help them start leading the abundant life that they desired.

My first step was to create an 8-week sales course, that was designed to help accountants learn a proper enrollment process to come from a place of confidence.

Next, I started a secondary podcast called, The Abundant Accountant Podcast. The podcast comes out bi-monthly on the 1st and 15th of the month. I cover topics from enrollment techniques to tips on why you shouldn’t give away free advice to clients.

But, I absolutely do not work with every accountant one-on-one.

Here are my specific minimums I put into place:

  • I only work with Accountants or accounting professionals who have been in business for a minimum of 2 to 3 years.
  • My accounting clients must offer a higher value service and want to learn how to enroll new clients with confidence.

If a prospect comes to me, and they don’t fit into that mold, I direct them to my podcast, where they can learn useful tips, so they can start working towards that higher-level offer or creating the firm of abundance.

Energetic minimums don’t just happen, it takes work to become crystal-clear on what they are for you.

Getting Started With Your Energetic Minimums

Narrowing your focus, choosing a niche, and setting your energetic minimums can feel scary and bring up a lot of fear.

That fear causes you to believe that by narrowing your focus, you are going to be cutting out a huge segment of clients, which could lead to slower business growth.

But, here’s the thing, you CANNOT help every single person. You shouldn’t want to! And, often by narrowing your focus, you can actually start to generate more growth, AND the caliber of the people you work with improves as well.

If you are struggling with narrowing, one thing that Cait Scudder recommends is working on shifting your mindset. Get super clear on who you are available to work for… Basically, who’s your dream client?

Cait shared that before she was crystal-clear, she had worked with a woman who ended up not fulfilling the contract she had with Cait because she just wasn’t ready.

The woman had other variables going on in her life and business that was holding her back from finding the success that she wanted.

After that Cait knew she needed to get clear… Cait now knows that she wants to work with extremely driven women. Women who will do the things that no one else will. Women who will find a way to put in the hustle, sweat, and tears, no matter what.

Why did Cait go into SO much detail? It’s simple… She wanted to ensure that she was true to her energetic minimum.

Knowing Who You Want to Work With

Any relationship, but especially a business relationship, comes down to how each person is going to show up.

Cait knew she didn’t want to work with individuals who didn’t take their work seriously. Those were the individuals who drained her energy.

It’s time to change your perspective and realize that you are in complete control of choosing who your investors are, who your clients are, who your sponsors are, etc. If someone doesn’t meet your energetic minimum, don’t work with them.

Decide how you want people to show up, and then work with ONLY those individuals who live their life that way.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to determine YOUR energetic minimums:

  • How do you want clients/investors/sponsors to show up?
  • What attitude do you want them to have towards you and your products/services?
  • What’s their approach to business/life?

Answering these and working with only individuals that fit the mold you’ve created for yourself, will drastically impact the results you’ll be able to achieve.

In Conclusion

Have you ever let anyone into your business, maybe a client or a customer that doesn’t meet your energetic minimum?

I would love for each of you to take 5 minutes and ponder that question. If you do identify someone that doesn’t meet your minimum, ask yourself why you allowed them in. Once you’ve done that, you can go forward and decide what you want to do with that client/customer and how you handle those individuals going forward.

If you have strict energetic minimums already, I would love for you to share one of them in the comments below!

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