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How do you feel about the outcome of your pitch? When going through and evaluating top line revenue, and growing our businesses, detachment is one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned.

When I had to close FITZee Foods, I was super attached to what were people going to think of me. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me, I was embarrassed, I was devastated, and learning how to detach from the outcome is what has helped me skyrocket over the past year or two, with The Pitch Queen and Success Unfiltered, and my new podcast for accountants, The Abundant Accountant Podcast.

Detaching from criticism or praise will help you so much, and then meditating and coming from a place of self-love, and being grateful for the things that you do have, or the clients you do have, or the customers you do have, or the people who are buying your products. As you go and pursue new opportunities, are you’re ok with some things not happening?: Do you have the confidence to go and ask for new things without worrying about the outcome?

For example, I have been reaching out to a lot of sponsors for my podcast, and have been reaching out to brands that I am in alignment with. I have one, that has now sponsored the show for 3 months. I’ve been a happy customer, and I decided to reach out to them. I’m so grateful that they want to work with me, but I wasn’t attached to the outcome.

Because I was detached from the outcome, if they didn’t respond, I wouldn’t get upset. If they said NO, I would be ok because I am always of the mindset that there is always someone out there who will resonate with your message, and who will want to support you and see you as the person you want to represent your brand.

Like our guest today on Success Unfiltered, I only work with those brands that I am in alignment with: these services or products that I recommend have passed the “Michelle test”, and the quality will be up to par.

Focus on detaching from the outcome, and it will help you tremendously.

A guest on the Success Unfiltered podcast, Jacquelyn Umof learned the ability to say YES and NO without fear of what would happen.

How a NO Can Lead to Your Pivotal Moment

Jacquelyn Umof found that she was starting to grow as a personal brand, but people weren’t ready to pay for her expertise.

A breakthrough came when Jacquelyn chose to say NO to working for free.

A company wanted Jacquelyn to come and teach classes for a day. “I had plans with some friends to go to New York City, so I decided to ask for money – $5000, to be exact. I had a plane ticket to New York City that had cost $300, so I figured I could eat the cost of my plane ticket if they said NO.”

So Jacquelyn asked – and they said YES!

Being willing to walk away if they said NO gave Jacquelyn the power to make the best choices for her.

See, a NO can often lead to your next YES – and an opportunity that is right in alignment with YOU and your business. When you say NO to something, you are opening yourself to say YES to something bigger!

That is what happened with Jacquelyn – as she began saying NO to things that weren’t quite right for her and her messaging, and saying YES to the best ways to serve her people, she found that her audience grew.

She felt the change: she was in alignment with her best YES and felt the power of that choice. Detaching herself from feeling pressured to take unpaid jobs or to choose to work events or stay with clients that were not her best YES allowed her to step back and evaluate this all-important question: is this YES or NO in alignment with what I want in my business?

Make Your YES Stay In Alignment With You

As Jacquelyn grew, and her business took off, she started to “flip the script” and say NO to others. She knew that she wanted to serve her online community, and was growing her social media presence: her YouTube channel, Instagram – people were flocking to her!

She was approached by a food company to do sponsored posts. They offered her 5 figures per post! Jacquelyn said NO because she had tried the food before; it just wasn’t her. She couldn’t preach about it.

It was a lot of money, but ultimately, Jacquelyn knew that it was not the right opportunity. Yes, it would have brought in immediate cash – but was it the right YES for her? It wasn’t, and she still is thankful for the choice that she made today.

I’m the same way, especially when it comes to our sponsors. I pitch to brands that are in alignment with my values. I often start as a customer and fall in love with the product. Then, if it looks like a good fit, I will ask them if they want to be a sponsor.

For example, I LOVE my web camera by Logitech, and have been a loyal customer for years! I asked Logitech if they would be interested in becoming a sponsor of one of my podcasts, and they said YES.

The point is, I choose to work with brands that I know and trust and would use myself. My friends know that I choose high-quality items and they can trust the fact that I say YES to these brands.

In Conclusion

One of the best things that you can do for your business is learning to be detached from the results of your pitch. Some people will say NO to you: others will say YES to you.

You will find the best opportunities when you are able to detach from the outcome and know that every NO allows you the opportunity to find a YES that is in alignment with you and your goals. When you are detached, each NO is not a crushing experience, and you are able to move forward, knowing that you are headed towards your absolute best YES!

What does it feel like when you hear a NO? Are you detached from the outcome of your pitch enough to see how each NO puts you closer to a YES that is in alignment with your business and your goals? Tell me in the comments; I’d love to hear more about it!

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