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Choosing Happy Can Make All the Difference in Your Business

When you think about your business, do you light up with happiness and excitement? Or, do you look at it as something that could eventually make you happy, if everything aligns just as you want it to?

Happiness is something we all talk about. It’s something we wish and hope to have more of, but how often do you actually associate happiness with your business?

I’m sure there will be some who read this who say their business fills them with so much joy… But, then there will be others who don’t even remember what life was like when they first started their business and were actually excited about it.

There’s one thing I can tell you with certainty, a successful business includes one key ingredient… Happiness!

You have to love your business and be EXCITED about your business. If not, all those necessary long hours will lead to dread, depression, and sadness.

We each have a choice, we can choose to be happy with where we are or what we’re doing, or we can allow ourselves to be stressed out and annoyed.

When FITzee Foods was still open, I was managing anywhere from twenty to twenty-five employees, over two to three locations. Plus, I had just opened in NY in a ten store test location inside the Vitamin Shoppe. I was always SO stressed!

I was allowing my business to run my life. I never spent any time trying to find the happiness and excitement I felt when I first created FITzee Foods. Which absolutely played a roll in its demise.

Now, since creating The Pitch Queen, my life is so different. I spend more time enjoying life and experiencing as much as I can since our time is so short on this planet.

How have I done that?

I’ve worked hard to curate a small, but a very tight-knit team that shares the visions I have for The Pitch Queen and for my podcast, Success Unfiltered. It’s been amazing! A completely different lifestyle than what I led when FITzee Foods was open. I took all of my lessons learned from a ten year period and made sure I didn’t make any of the same mistakes.

I’ve created exactly what I wanted, a small but profitable business, that is able to help more people become better entrepreneurs & salespeople… And, I’m HAPPY!

I couldn’t ask for more!

Create Happiness and Joy in Your Business

Phil Smith, a guest on Success Unfiltered shared how his most devastating NO actually led him to create the business he has today, which allows him to spend time with his children when he wants, and to take over 45 days of vacation every year.

In 2010, Phil created a consulting business, which was eventually acquired by Jim Estel. Phil was quite happy with how things were going but was struck with an idea to create a lead generation business.

He shared the idea with Jim, who believed it was a great idea but didn’t want to do it. They gave Phil a big fat NO.

However, Phil knew in his gut that this was the right path for him. That creating the lead generation company would help lead him to the business of his dreams. So, even though he had been told NO, it was hugely impactful on how Phil moved forward.

Over the last several years, creating this business has accelerated Phil’s career where he can now build businesses that make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months.

It took time and learning, but by trusting his gut, Phil created a business that he loves and that leaves him feeling happy and fulfilled.

Phil firmly believes that entrepreneurs need to go with their gut, and if someone else tells them NO, they have to figure out a way around it. Don’t let someone else crush the dreams that you hold near and dear to your heart.

Your Point of View Matters

The way you see yourself and your business matters. If you see business as super serious, with NO fun your business will tend to be very serious and lack fun. No one wants that, and you have the power to change it.

You have to willingly review your perspectives and attitudes and be willing to change your thoughts surrounding your business if that’s what is bringing you down.

If you’re experiencing some sort of obstacle that is making you unhappy, you have the power to remove those obstacles and then change your attitude.

Phil experienced something just like this in his business. He was thoroughly excited to launch his lead generation company but wanted to get feedback from his mentor Jim Estel. So, Phil asked Jim what Phil didn’t do well.

Jim gave Phil a lot of great advice, about how we shouldn’t concentrate on what he isn’t good at because if he focused there, he’d end up feeling miserable. But, then he said one more thing that powered Phil up and got him moving…

Jim told Phil that one of the negative things that Phil had was that he lacked confidence in himself.

Phil was stunned and ended up lashing out at Jim, even yelling at him a bit.

After he left Jim’s office, and he realized that Jim was right. Phil lacked the confidence to go out and create his lead generation business on his own.

Phil wanted to change this perspective, though. He knew that he could create his business in the way that the wanted and be very successful.

So, from May of 2014 until October of 2014, Phil worked hard to figure out how to bring the lead generation company to life, successfully. And, he did it!

It took 6 months to build the business, but once it was up and running, he scaled from $0 in revenue to seven figures in revenue in one year! Phil was so happy that he hadn’t let Jim’s opinions stop him from doing what he wanted because now he has cultivated a life and business that he loves.

In Conclusion

Let me ask you again, do you love the business that you’ve created? If not, what steps can you take to change things so that you ARE building the business of your dreams?

It doesn’t have to be a huge shift, start small and see how things go, and then shift as you move along.

What can you do today to choose happy? So, that your life is just one ounce happier?

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