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It’s a new month over at Coffee Is For Closers! In July we talked all about rapport and relationships. While both of these things are crucial to the foundation of your business, there’s something else that’s just as fundamental. It’s time to believe in yourself.

That thing is BELIEVING in yourself. Knowing your value. And OWNING your worth. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about all this month on the show!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. You’ve probably heard this all before. But stay with me on this. Why? Because it really IS that important.

You could have the world’s snappiest marketing. The most legit sales funnel on the planet. Even the most effective products or services known to man.

But if YOU aren’t 100% behind it, it’s not going to take off. If you don’t believe in yourself so deeply that 100 naysayers couldn’t talk you down, you probably won’t get past “go”.

It comes down to one simple truth: if you don’t believe in yourself, how will anyone else believe in you? (Or buy from you, for that matter?)

You already know that people want to buy from people. But they don’t want to buy from just anybody. They want to buy from someone who is so sold on who they are and what they do that it’s palpable.

So how do you actually make that happen? Are there really practical steps to help you kick up your confidence and build up your belief in yourself from the inside out? That’s what this week’s show is ALL about!

If you’re ready to learn exactly what you can do to boost your confidence and tap into your inner superstar, this episode is for you! I share everything I know about the power of self-confidence, from how it helped me launch my current business to that one time I got on a little show called “Shark Tank”. (True story!)

Check out the replay right here:

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For even more practical steps on rocking your confidence and becoming your own biggest cheerleader, check out this week’s blog post right HERE!

And finally, Coffee Is For Closers Facebook Live Show is on every Monday this August! All this month we’ll be talking about believing in yourself, owning your worth, and standing by what you do with confidence. You won’t want to miss it! Join me Monday at 1pm Pacific Time at the Pitch Queen Facebook page.

Here’s to brewing YOUR Sales Success!

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