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Ross Jeffries was flying first class from LA to London. And wouldn’t you know it? Right next to him was none other than one of his all-time favorite actors, the inimitable Nicolas Cage…

Now, it’s true–Ross could’ve had a fanboy moment. But instead of scrambling and stressing for the perfect opening line, that opening line actually created itself!

Turns out that Mr. Cage had a penchant for superhero stories, and noticed that Ross just happened to be wearing a Green Lantern ring…

And just like that, our friend Ross found common ground with a Hollywood star. He established rapport, started a conversation, and wound up having a rip-roaring superhero discussion on an international flight.

ALL because Ross treated an international celebrity like an everyday person!

That’s the thing–you never know when you might be face-to-face with your biz-crush, favorite celebrity, or rockstar influencer. Will you be ready?

You don’t have to have a well-rehearsed line. All you really need to do is be yourself, create a genuine connection, and remember that no matter how big you might think someone is, they’re still as human as you are!

Sound like too much? Trust me, you CAN do it, and Ross and I will show you how!

Don’t miss any opportunities to connect with anyone–be ready at a moment’s notice to have a conversation with everyone from your celebrity biz-crush to an A-list hollywood star! This past episode of Coffee Is For Closers shows you how–check it out here:

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Ross and I break down networking with the stars into 3 simple steps on this week’s blog! Find out what they are and start using them TODAY (because you never know who you might meet tomorrow)! Read all about it HERE!

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