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Over the years, networking has gotten a bad name. And you know what? I’m over that.

Nobody likes going to huge events, getting lost in a sea of strangers, and feeling like you have to gladhand everyone in the room.

But what people don’t really get is how powerful networking can be. If you’ve spent any time here with me at The Pitch Queen, you’ve heard me get quite passionate about it!

That’s why I made it my mission this May to show you that networking isn’t what you’ve been told. It’s an old-school idea, but it translates into this century perfectly…

If you give it a new spin, that is! And I’m doing more than that…I’m giving it a new NAME.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Coopportunity Event.”

Why “coopportunity?”

Because it describes what in-person events are all about: an opportunity for a mutually beneficial connection.

It’s NOT about selling. It’s about connection, sharing, and serving. It’s about showing up from a place of service, and leaving with a few genuine connections that benefit both parties.

Sounds like a lot more fun than the old-school alternative, doesn’t it?

This week on Coffee Is For Closers, I’m redefining networking not just in name, but its strategy. I’m sharing my NEW 7 Commandments of Coopportunity Events, designed to help you reframe old ideas, let go of resistance, and bring networking into the 21st century!

Never dread an in-person event again! Let me show you how! Catch this past week’s episode here:

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Want a quick and easy guide to my 7 Commandments that you can start using right NOW? I’ve got you covered over on the blog, so come on by and put these steps into action TODAY!

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