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Are you terrified to get everything you ever wanted in your business?

Sounds like a ridiculous question, I know. But not too long ago, I had a client who answered it for me. And I realized that what she was dealing with was an under-the-radar issue for countless entrepreneurs.

This client reached out to me because her business had stagnated at an income of $3,000 a month. Her dream was to triple that income, but for whatever reason her numbers weren’t budging.

But the more we talked, the reasons became crystal clear.

Turns out that she wasn’t afraid of being rejected in sales. She was afraid of SUCCEEDING.

Staying where she was was just too comfortable. The goals she was setting seemed utterly unrealistic to her. And as for the idea of actually hitting those goals? Terrifying.

Fear of success had taken over her business, and without her knowing it. And I guarantee that she’s NOT the only one affected by this sneaky yet rock-solid roadblock.

But where does this bizarre fear come from? Why does it affect everyone at some point, no matter how successful they’ve been in the past?

And is there a way to recognize if you fear success and nip it in the bud before it backhandedly stalls your success?

That’s where Holistic Sales Strategist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming rockstar Gretchen Mall comes in!

This past week on Coffee Is For Closers, Gretchen and I took on the sneakiest and most insidious reason why people talk themselves out of the sale–and what you can do to ensure that fear of success never stops your quest for your sales goals again!

Don’t let this silent sales killer steal your success. Check out this empowering episode here:


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May is here, and that means a NEW topic on Coffee Is For Closers! So speaking of fears, here’s another big one: Networking. With real people. At in-person events. Does the very idea make you shudder with terror?

Join me this Tuesday, tomorrow, May 1st at 2PM PT/5 PM ET and learn why in-person networking is STILL relevant (in fact, it’s more important than ever!). You’ll also learn how to get past your fears and work a room like a pro, JUST by being yourself!

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