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It happens a LOT more often than you might think. Sure, it tends to be a rookie mistake, but this fatal sales error can creep up on even the most seasoned entrepreneurs.

You’re there with a prospect. They’re showing ALL the signs that they’re ready to buy. They finally say YES, and it feels like a done deal…

But then your mouth seems to get ahead of your brain. Even though they’ve already agreed to buy, you’re STILL selling. You’re still talking about the benefits of your program. Rehashing the details of the changes it could make for them.

Pretty much selling them on something when they’re already sold.

And before you can say SOLD, the prospect changes their tune from a “Hell, YES” to an “On second thought…”

Just like that, you’ve talked yourself out of the sale. Just because you couldn’t STOP talking.

Why do we do this? What makes people overplay their hand when the sale is ALREADY done?

On this episode of Coffee Is For Closers, I go into this strange phenomenon that can make even the most savvy salesperson sabotage their sales. And I’ll share how you can stop yourself from falling into the trap of overtalking!

Learn when to say WHEN, stop selling, and secure the deal when the client says YES! Catch this episode right here:

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On the next episode of Coffee Is For Closers, we’re taking on one of the deepest reasons that we sabotage our own sales. Sometimes it’s not the dreaded NO that we fear the most. It’s the YES.

Believe it or not, idea of success can be scarier than the threat failure ever could be. But I don’t want that to stop YOU! That’s why on this episode, Sales Strategist and NLP expert Gretchen Mall are going to get REAL about the fear of success, why it happens, and how you can stop it from derailing your dreams!

It’s going to be EPIC, and you won’t want to miss it!

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