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I had a major realization about FEAR in sales the other day, and was an eye-opening a-ha moment for me. What happened? I saw the most common of entrepreneurial fears in a whole new way…

Last week, I was teaching at a live event and sharing the finer points of The Pitch Queen System. I wound up in a conversation with a relationship coach, whose specialty was helping people decide whether or not to leave their relationships.

She told me that at the end of her sales conversations, she leaves the decision ALL up to her client. No pressure on the client. Sounds like an honorable enough thing, right?

But what if you’re doing your prospect a disservice by not helping them make a decision? And even worse, what if you’re holding back JUST because you’re afraid of being too pushy?

It’s that moment when you’re focusing so much on YOUR fears that you leave your prospect in a state of indecisiveness. What happens next?

The client doesn’t say YES or NO. Their problem remains unsolved. You miss out on a sale.
NOBODY wins.

That’s when fear of being too pushy turns into self-centeredness.

Kind of mind-blowing, right?

It’s just ONE more way that well-meaning entrepreneurs talk themselves out of the sale. And on this episode of Coffee Is For Closers, Master Strategist Shameca Tankerson and I talk about how focusing on your fear in sales winds up hurting EVERYONE. Your prospects, your business, and YOU.

This episode is one for the ages–you won’t want to miss it! Check it out right here!



You don’t want to be that pushy salesperson. But what if NOT asking for the sale does more harm than good? Find out the surprising truth about that fear of being “salesy” on this week’s blog right HERE!

This month on Coffee Is For Closers, the focus is why we talk ourselves out of the sale. And more often than not, it all comes down to that four-letter word that kills more dreams than failure EVER could: F-E-A-R.

Tomorrow’s episode on Coffee Is For Closers is going to go deep into WHY fear makes us backpedal the pitch, and what you can do to stop holding back and start changing lives! Join me this Tuesday at 2PM PT/5 PM ET on The Pitch Queen Facebook page!

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