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Here’s something that may (or may not) shock you. Ready? Not all leads should become clients.

Just because there’s interest doesn’t mean someone is right for you.

And with some prospects, you just KNOW from the jump that they’re not a fit.

You might remember a pair of potential clients I told you about a while back. They ran a mid size accounting business. But by all accounts, they were broke. And desperate to change their situation.

But I knew from square one that it wasn’t going to be a fit. How?

All they did was haggle on price. Ask for discounts. Try to cut a deal. And for this high-level CPA program, we already knew what it was worth. No room for negotiations there.

So they put themselves out of the running for more than just being a potential client. They also disqualified themselves from earning a spot on the follow-up list.

But a funny thing happened last week. After two months of silence, out of the blue they were in my inbox again, asking about our services. Did they see the light, and are they ready to invest in their success this time?

That remains to be seen, because they asked for a discount again! I’ll let you know what happens when (or if) we talk again. But what I CAN tell you for sure is that when we first met, they were NOT candidates for further conversation.

Now, following up is vital if you want to close more deals. But then again, so is knowing whether a client is a “not right now” versus a “probably not ever.”

Follow-up is a big investment of TIME. And unlike money, time is something that you’ll never be able to earn back. So you’ve got to do all you can to make sure you’re investing your most precious resource as wisely as possible.

How do you know when a client just needs a little more time or if they’re on the permanent NO list? On this episode of Coffee Is For Closers, I share when NOT to follow up with a client, how to see the signs, and why this time-saving measure is SO important. Check it out here:


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What are the signs that you should NOT follow up with a lead? I hit all the red flags that will save you time, energy, and grief this week on the blog!

April is here, and that means the Coffee Is For Closers is ALL new! This month, the topic starts with a question: are you talking yourself out of the sale? Now, that may sound crazy. But trust me, it happens every day. What do I mean by that? Master Sales Strategist Shameca Tankerson is back this week to help me explain! Tune in on Tuesday at 2PM PT/5PM ET and find out if you’ve been getting in the way of your own sales success (and how you can turn it around FAST)!

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