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We all want more leads, more prospects, and more sales. But just because someone shows a little interest in working with you does NOT necessarily mean they’re the client from heaven.

This is something that I found out the hard way.

Not all leads make good prospects. Not all prospects are ideal clients. I’ve had several moments over the years when I was so taken in by a prospect saying YES to me… that I didn’t consider if they were a YES for me.

I could’ve avoided a lot of client-from-hell debacles had I known when to say NO. And if I would’ve had a qualification system in place FIRST, only the dream clients would’ve made it past the gatekeepers.

It was a hard-learned lesson. But I learned it well, and now I wouldn’t be without an air-tight screening process for leads, prospects, and potential clients. Similar to TSA @ the airport! You have to screen the people you let in to work with you =)

It’s better for EVERYONE in the long run if you know whether or not a match is a GO from the jump. For your business, for your client, and for your sanity. (Trust me on this.)

So what do you do to ensure that you not only attract the most compatible prospects to your door, but also only grant admission to only the creme de la creme of the bunch?

Knowing who you want to work with, identifying your personal red flags, setting your boundaries and filtering out the folks who aren’t quite right is key. It’s how you create a system that acts as your personal gatekeeper. And in the long run, it saves you time, aggravation, AND money.

How do you cut to the chase early in the game and pre-qualify your ideal clients-to-be? Master Sales Strategist Shameca Tankerson and I show the way to usher in ONLY the right clients on this episode of Coffee Is For Closers!

Check it out right here!

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Why is it so crucial to filter out the wrong clients? I go into the ALL reasons why pre-qualifying candidates will reduce your sales call stress (and up your conversion rates!) on this week’s blog!

This month on Coffee Is For Closers is all about qualifying leads and prospects, and doing all that you can to bring only the best possible matches your way! Be sure to be there LIVE every Tuesday at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST on The Pitch Queen Facebook page and bring ALL your questions regarding all things sales!

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