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Let’s get right to the point: the sale is NOT about you. Knowing this is one of the most empowering entrepreneurial mindset shifts you’ll EVER make. True story.

Over the past few weeks, the focus has been nothing but entrepreneurial sales mindset. You’ve gotten tips from me, my guests, and our collective experiences. But there is one more MAJOR mindset tweak I need to add. One that will solidify your entrepreneurial sales mindset in a heartbeat…if you’re willing to use it.

And that, Royal Family, is simply getting OVER yourself.

I’m not saying that to call you out. I’m not shaming you or wagging my finger. But when you really “get” that the NO is never about YOU, it takes your empowerment to astronomical heights.

Trust me, I ought to know by now what it’s like to be turned down flat. I’ve had investors cut off my funding. I’ve had major retailers cancel my contracts. I’ve been given a flat-out smackdown by the mother of all brutal panels, the Shark Tank sharks themselves.

Sure, all of that was crushing. But even at my lowest point, I didn’t sit and sob for very long. Being stuck in a mindset of failure wouldn’t help the clients I am destined to serve. And it definitely wouldn’t help me.

How did I bounce back? I reminded myself what sales really is: SHARING. I reminded myself that my job is to show up, share what I love, and own my worth. No more, no less. The rest is up to the client. And it’s NOT about me.

Think of it for a moment. You aren’t responsible for convincing anyone of anything. Isn’t it empowering?

But what do you do when those human moments show up? When you’re so sick of rejection that your mindset goes wonky and you just want to quit?

Join me as I go into the most important entrepreneurial sales mindset shift you’ll EVER make on this episode of Coffee Is For Closers:


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