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How many times have you set a revenue goal that flopped like a bad Broadway show? If you said “more than I can count”, you’re not alone.

Maybe you meant to make more sales calls this week. You promised yourself you’d fight through that fear, talk to more prospects, and FINALLY start bringing in more money. (Those bills aren’t going to pay themselves, right?)

But what happens next? Nothing.

What ever happened to crushing goals? What about willpower, grit, and determination? What’s going on here?

It might be that your brain is becoming your own worst enemy. And by just doing what it does best. Being lazy.

What do I mean by that, exactly?

Setting number-based goals to fill your client roster and explode your revenue is all well and good. But is the idea of knocking those numbers out of the park enough to shift your mindset, help you blast past fear, and make your dreams a reality?

Not necessarily. You need every part of you in the game, INCLUDING your brain. And sometimes it takes a little bit more to get the ol’ noggin on board than a number on a page.

On this this special edition of Coffee Is For Closers, my special guest, Master Sales Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Gretchen Mall, shares some (dare I say it!) mind-blowing facts about your brain. And how it plays a LOT bigger role in your sales success than you might realize.

How can YOU use the magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming (a.k.a. NLP) to harness the power of your brain and reboot your sales mindset in a practical AND results-oriented way?

Gretchen and I share revolutionary steps you can take to rewire your head and and make radical changes in your business!

Ready for a fresh take on mindset mixed with some science-backed magic? Join me and Gretchen for this episode of Coffee Is For Closers right here!


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How can YOU work the magic of NLP into your sales activities and retrain your brain to skyrocket your sales? Check out this week’s BLOG and find out!

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