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It was just under a year ago that my last business crashed to the ground. Little did I know what a blessing in disguise that was.

I started my last business, FITzee Foods, with a strong mission and a ton of ambition. I was on a crusade for a healthy planet, and my freshly-prepared meals were going to change the world.

By March of 2017, the dream had fizzled out, and the mission proved to be impossible. With a heavy heart, I conceded defeat and closed down FITzee Foods for good.

But from that disaster, some pretty magical stuff started to emerge. The more I analyzed this epic fail, the more I realized that EVERY successful person had at least ONE similar story.

I remembered numerous off-the-record conversations I’d had with wildly successful entrepreneurs. Stories of disappointments and losses that they usually kept close to the vest.

That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head. What if as entrepreneurs, we talked about the REAL stuff? Like the times we lost a major deal. The days that we couldn’t make payroll. The lawsuits we endured. The rent we couldn’t pay.

And that somehow, some way, all of us came back for more. And eventually made it.

I was staring my biggest failure in the face, and just like that, I realized my ultimate WHY.

My friends, business is hard enough. It’s next to impossible if you don’t have a powerful WHY. And that WHY needs to light you up like a Christmas tree, or it will never keep you going.

On this episode of Coffee Is For Closers, it’s all about the big WHY. How to discover yours, why you need to know it, and how it can help you weather any storm…IF it’s strong enough. Join me at the links below and let me show you how to harness the power of WHY in YOUR business!


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Still not convinced that the WHY is everything in your business? I share even MORE about the power of your passion and purpose on this week’s blog! Check it out HERE!

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