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You know those voices in your head? They just might be lying to you.

That’s what my friend and colleague, Master Sales Strategist Shameca Tankerson, found out the hard way.

She’d just been through every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare, the collapse of her business, and was still feeling that keen sting of failure. But she was determined to get back on the horse ASAP, and jumped right in to a new venture.

Every time she got on the phone with a new lead, she was sure it was a winner. On the outside, she told herself, “YES, I’m gonna get this new client!” But the message she was actually broadcasting to the prospect was another one entirely.

The inner mind-chatter was constantly raging. Those inner voices kept piping up with things like, “They’re gonna know your last business failed. How can I help them if I can’t help yourself?” And worst of all, “You’re a fraud.”

And wouldn’t you know it, most of her sales conversations ended with, “Thanks but no thanks.”

You see, when you’re not 100% sure of yourself, your prospects will know. Even if your pitch is worded perfectly, it won’t stand a chance against an angry inner dialogue.

When it dawned on her that she was her own worst critic, that’s when Shameca took action. She started taking the steps to shift her inner voice to a place of love, support, and respect for herself.

That’s when clients started to say YES. And that’s when her business and life REALLY took off.

On this special edition of Coffee Is For Closers, Shameca and I get REAL about the entrepreneurial sales mindset and how your emotions, feelings, and inner dialogue are the key to TRUE business breakthroughs!

In this jam-packed Mini-Workshop, we share our personal stories of how tiny tweaks in mindset gave us massive shifts in confidence, worthiness, and of course, success! Grab your listening guide at the link below and let us help you create a simple but OH so powerful mindset routine that will work wonders for your business AND your life!

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This February, Coffee Is For Closers is ALL about business sales mindset! I’ll be sharing even more of my personal stories as well as bringing in special guests who will help you take your entrepreneurial sales mindset to even GREATER heights!

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