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Sometimes telling a client NO is necessary to ultimately grow your bottom line, no matter how much you think you need to fill your roster.

A few weeks ago, I was helping one of my clients sell a tax plan she created for a prospect. She found a plan that had the potential to slash $90,000 from her prospect’s tax bill. Pretty impressive, right?

Naturally, she couldn’t wait to share the good news with her clients. She figured that the client would hear this number, see her value, and say YES on the spot. What actually happened?

We got on the scheduled call together with her prospective client. As it happens, the prospect took the call…but was on vacation.

Turns out that despite the exciting news, the prospect was distant and disengaged in every way imaginable. Regardless of the the value that we presented them, they just weren’t all that interested.

Did we go back to that prospect and try to convince them of what they were missing?

No. In fact, what we did do might surprise you. We decided together that it would be best to send them an email, wish them nothing but the best, and respectfully say “goodbye.” And believe it or not, by taking that stand, it did wonders for my clients credibility factor.

My friends, credibility is a big deal in business. You need to not only look legit, but BE legit. And believe it or not, credibility is not JUST about glowing testimonials. And in this case, my client used a not-so-obvious principle of credibility to kick her legit-factor into high gear (and ultimately it landed her a better client)!

On this episode of Coffee Is For Closers is all about how to get and keep your credibility in a world of online noise and steep competition, and in more than just the obvious ways! Don’t just SAY you’re awesome. BE awesome! Join me at the link below and I’ll show you how!



What if you’re new to business and have NO testimonials yet? You can STILL prove yourself a winner! Let me show you how to build and keep your credibility no matter how long you’ve been in business on this week’s blog post HERE!

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