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Not too long ago, I had to say NO to a potentially huge client. And I can’t say I regret it for a moment.

I’d been talking to a couple of guys who seemed to have a good thing going in their business. Good, that is, to the tune of nearly one MILLION dollars in revenue.

The only trouble was, they weren’t making any money. In fact, looking at their bottom line, for all intents and purposes, their business was broke.

How did this happen? And just where did that million dollars disappear to?

I knew what their problem was. I knew the exact reason they were bringing in the cash but bleeding away the bottom line. Most of all, I knew exactly what they needed and how I could help them.
But I had to say NO, wish them nothing but the best, and move along to the next prospect.

It wasn’t because I was feeling spiteful. It’s not that I didn’t want to see them succeed. (Believe me, I did. And I knew just how they could do it, too.)

But the truth is my friends, in business, just like dating, there are such things as dealbreakers. And these guys displayed a major one, in my book.

And as irony would have it, the reason I turned them down was the exact reason that their million dollar business was a sinking ship that was taking on even more water.

Why did I send these guys on their way? On this week’s Coffee Is For Closers I tell you the reasons why sometimes you have to pass on what seems like a sweet deal in favor of your own standards and boundaries.

Check out this episode and find out why I said NO to a MILLION dollar client. And I’ll also share what YOU can do to avoid the pitfalls of the uncertain clients who play you hot and cold!


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So what DO you do when you have a client that plays you hot and cold? How do you know if a prospect is serious (or seriously wasting your time)? Check out this week’s blog post and find out for sure right HERE!

As always, join me for Coffee Is For Closers every Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific time! Bring your questions, your comments, and of course your coffee and join me LIVE every week for all things sales!

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