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There’s nothing worse than a slump, whether it’s in sales or inspiration. You started your business so you could get paid to do what you love. What happens when you’re neither getting paid for nor loving what you do anymore?

That’s no way to be, whether it’s the start of a new day, a new week, or a new year. And I definitely don’t want that for you!

Luckily, this past episode of Coffee Is For Closers has everything you need to get energized, get inspired, and get your cash flow going again! Join me and my friend and colleague Emerson Brooks as we talk about growing your business, jumpstarting your revenue, and getting inspired when your business is in the dumps.

Don’t pack it in just yet. Get revived and inspired for the New Year! Emerson and I show you the way to grow your business on this not-to-be-missed episode of Coffee Is For Closers!

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Has your business gone cold? Find out what you need to do to bring back the heat (and the cash flow) on this week’s blog post! Check that out right HERE!

Finally, today on Coffee Is For Closers I’m kicking off the new year with a another special guest! Join me TODAY! January 2nd, 2018 at 2 PM Pacific time on Facebook live, where I’ll be joined by Master Sales Strategist Shameca Tankerson!

Shameca is the creator of the “Authority Selling Method,” and she’s got a LOT to share with The Pitch Queen community about ditching your fears, asking for what your worth, and closing more sales with the power of conversation. You won’t want to miss this one!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE in the Royal Family! Here’s to brewing YOUR sales success in 2018!

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