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This month, Coffee Is For Closers has been ALL about rejection. That stinging moment when you get the big N-O is not the most pleasant aspect of being an entrepreneur…but does it have to be so scary? And for that matter, if a door slams in your face, is it a gift?

The answers is a big time Y-E-S.

Sometimes rejection is the best thing that can happen to you. It can help you learn more about your craft. It can help you perfect your pitch, your presentation, or your offer. It can help steer you away from the wrong clients and lead you to the right ones.

Most of all it can help you become a stronger and more resilient human being. It can help you let go of your ego, take things a lot less personally, and remember that not everything in this world is about you. That in itself is liberation at its finest.

Kind of makes you want to go out there, ask for the sale as much as possible, and get rejected just so you can receive all of that beautiful stuff, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying it’s easy to be told NO. But if you can get over your no’s, see the message in the madness, and USE it to grow into an unstoppable entrepreneur (and person), it can be a real blessing. You just have to see through its disguise.

That is what this episode of Coffee Is For Closers is ALL about! You will learn:

  • Why rejection puts you in the company of the world’s most successful people
  • How to take being told NO a lot less personally
  • What the “Magic Why” is in any rejection (and how to use it)

Ready to get so excited about being told NO that you might seek it out? Check out this episode!

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If you are ready to rock the NO and use it to your advantage in even MORE ways? Check out this week’s blog post right HERE!

And as always Coffee Is For Closers is rocking and rolling LIVE every Tuesday at 2 PM PST! I am LOVING all the live participation that we’ve been getting over the past few weeks, and I would love to have you join the party! FREE giveway is coming next week!

Here’s To Brewing YOUR Sales Success!

Michelle, The Pitch Queen

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