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Do What You Love and You’ll Experience Immense Success

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, life is too short to not love what you do. You have absolutely no idea what tomorrow will bring, so why waste your time doing something you hate?

Knowing that, enjoying your career or business should be one of your TOP priorities! Since you are probably similar to me and work about 8 to 10 hours per day. We ought to love what we are doing during that time.

You better believe it was a top priority for me. Straight out of college, I was fortunate to land a job as a financial analyst at Moss Adams. It was a great job, with a good salary, good benefits and…. A cubicle.

So many people, especially my parents, in my life encouraged me to stick it out because it was such a great job, and even more so because of the 401k and health benefits.

I get it, that’s the generation they came from. Sitting at a job with one company for twenty years and collecting your paycheck. And, of course waiting for that yearly BIG raise of 3%.

But, I didn’t love it. I had no desire to sit in a cubicle for the rest of my life. I knew entrepreneurialism was calling my name and I needed to test those waters.

Against the advice of my family, I left the secure 9-5 job and ventured out into the land of real estate and mortgages, which eventually led me to starting FITzee Foods, and now The Pitch Queen.

Looking back, there have been times that I’ve made in the same amount of money ONE month what I would have made in a full year at Moss Adams.

Let me be clear, if you are happy with your career and have no desire to leave and start your own business, that is A-OK. All that matters is your happiness, and that you’re doing something that you love.

For those of you who are ready to break the reigns of your corporate chains, don’t think it will be all glitter and rainbows, you’ll experience failure, but by taking that leap of faith, you’ll be able to create whatever you want for yourself.

Know Your Worth

It can be tough to know what you really want to do in life. SO MANY entrepreneurs are multi-passionate, we have lots of different things that interest us and that we want to pursue.

When it comes to choosing what you’ll do as a career, the number one thing I recommend people do is identify their worth. Some people already know their worth, others are unsure.

Scott Carson, a guest on Success Unfiltered, fell into the camp of knowing his worth. When he had first started out in real estate, Scott was a real estate investor-educator.

He wanted to teach others what he was so good at, buying mortgages that were near foreclosure, and then work with the owners to make their monthly payments. When Scott approached his boss at the time to teach others this technique, his boss said, they were going to go with someone else, BUT that they’d pay Scott $5,000 to teach those people how to do what you’re doing.

This was a HUGE slap in the face for Scott!

Scott’s employer was basically saying you’re not worthy of making the money yourself, and that we’d rather give it to a friend who doesn’t even know what they’re doing.

Scott knew he was worth more than $5,000, and that his skills weren’t fully valued by his employer, so he left.

You don’t just wake up and feel full of self-confidence. Well, some of you might, I didn’t, and Scott didn’t either. Scott spent SIX MONTHS reading professional and personal development books, and getting out there and doing the work.

Scott heard about 54 NO’s before he got his first YES (which was worth $250,000), but he kept going, because he knew he loved what he was now doing.

If someone won’t pay you to do what you love, do what you can to build that success your own way. Whether it’s through quitting your full-time job and going full on into entrepreneurialism or managing a side hustle, while you still work your 9-5 job.

Start valuing yourself and your work!

Don’t Waste Your Time

If you know what you love doing, why would you waste your time doing something else? Seems kind of silly, right?

Well, Scott had hit a dry spell in his business. He had a couple bad projects and then had to write some checks to investors, so things were looking down.

He came across a regional manager from his old job, that said they’d love to have him back. Scott’s friend encouraged him to go to the interview, saying, “Go see what they want and what they would offer you, and what they’d love to pay you.”

Scott got dressed up, went to the interview and the regional manager didn’t even do him the courtesy of interviewing him herself. She had set the interview up with a new employee to the company.

After a few questions, Scott KNEW this was not right for him. He took back his resume, crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. He thanked the guy, the employee of the company,  for his time and left, knowing that this wasn’t for him.

Scott said he’d never do that again. That he’d never allow someone to deter him from what he truly loved doing, even if he hit another dryspell.

The next day, Scott made a deal for $8,000 and then the next week he closed a deal for $60,000.

This is proof that you should ALWAYS do what you love and never settle!!

In Conclusion

Are you going to commit to yourself and your dreams?

My BIG vision for all of you and for myself with The Pitch Queen is to seek counsel but stopping asking for advice.

Trust yourself to know what is best for you!

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