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3 Tips to Building Self-Confidence that Sells

How familiar are you with your product or service?

My guess is that most of you reading this would say that you know your products very well. I mean, of course you do, your business and the things that go along with that business are your lifeblood. You eat, drink and sleep those products or services.

But, yet when you start putting yourself out there, trying to sell your services you freeze up. You aren’t sure what to say about them and you start fumbling over your words.

This likely leaves you feeling pretty unhappy with your sales performance, and it leaves your prospect feeling less than impressed with what you have to offer.

Wondering why this is?

Sales success comes from more than just knowing what to say… You must also be confident in yourself, your products or services and what you have to say about them.

Wondering HOW to build that confidence?

Mindset is Everything

I know, I know, this probably sounds a little cheesy. But, stick with me!

Before your prospects can believe that you’re an expert, YOU have to believe it. Your mindset around what you sell and how you sell it is so so important.

You need to understand the value and the worth of what you are offering, and (most importantly), you need to believe in that value and worth.

One great way to keep your mind focused on success is to visualize the end result that you desire.

My guest on Success Unfiltered, Greg Reid, believes (and I agree) that you must have an end goal in mind, and you must believe in that end goal with all of your heart. For example, if you’re working towards getting a Maserati, that’s your bottom line. With that car in mind, you now have a number to go after.

If you’re about to go into a meeting with a potential client, visualize that Maserati and visualize how your conversation with that client is going to go and then step into the meeting with confidence just oozing from your pores.

You might just get the end result you were so desiring!

Believe in What You Offer

When you sit down to talk with a prospect they’re going to ask you all sorts of questions. Personal questions, questions about your business, and maybe the most important question…

“Why are you the best person for the job?”

You want your prospects to know that you are the expert in your field. That you are the problem solver of their dreams and come loaded with all of the information they need. You might know you are the best person for the job, but how do you help your client truly understand this?

You want them to sense your confidence and believe in it, too. You want them to know that you are the one out of every other person out there that can make magic happen with their business.

So, don’t hold back, if you know what that unique thing is that you offer, tell the prospect. Make it loud and clear and don’t hold back.

However, as Greg Reid says, “Never beg a person to give THEM a compliment, an opportunity, or money.”

Don’t try to convince someone of anything. Take the time to uncover your perfect avatar, look for prospects that fit that mold, then give those individuals the solution to their problems, and then trust that they’ll see your value.

And, if they don’t, that’s okay too. Move along. I promise there will be more people to work with.

Personal Development is Important

This may be one of the simplest ways to build confidence, but ensuring that you are regularly trying to grow and work on yourself is extremely important.

Personal development can mean many things. It can mean learning a new language (I’m currently taking Spanish lessons), or it can be taking the time to study the pros when it comes to selling, or maybe it’s enrolling in a personal development course.

There is no hard and fast rule here, but you want to take the time DAILY, to spend on growing and working on yourself. If you’ve read and practiced book after book, or have been coached by amazing mentors, and consider yourself and expert, that expert status will come through with your confidence when you meet with your prospects. As others have said, spend 30 minutes each day studying and working on your craft or area of expertise. And trust me, it pays off!

There are thousands of personal development books out there, I have 40+ podcast episodes available on Success Unfiltered, that are chock full of uber successful entrepreneurs who have experienced numerous NOs, massive rejection, failure after failure, but never gave up!

AND, I have a Facebook LIVE show that I do weekly on my Facebook page where I discuss a new sales related topic every week. Each one is absolutely full of tips, tricks and strategies on how to serve your clients with class, how to grow your business revenues, and how to get your sales mindset in check.

Take your pick!

In Conclusion

Most of us aren’t awarded confidence from birth. We have to work for it!

But, I can promise you when you take the time to grow and work on your confidence by learning more, filling your mind with positive self-talk and believing in what you offer, it becomes pretty easy to let your confidence soar.

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