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Did you know that your pitch can change your life?

If you’re an entrepreneur, your pitch needs to be a part of you, all the way to the core of your being. How well do you know your pitch? Are you ready to give it right now?

If you are meeting with buyers, manufacturers, clients, or on a TV show, you’ve got to practice. Have your pitch not only down, but in you, down in your bones, and making it become part of you.

Before I pitched on Shark Tank, I actually had Shark Tank parties at my house where I invited my investors, and we were practicing and practicing. I spent time with – and eventually enrolled – my dear friend Sheryl, who is a top speaker in Toastmasters to practice together. We’d practice hand gestures, working out where I was going to talk loudly, or softly, or what words I would emphasize.

That intentional practice really helped me be able to rock that pitch.

Practicing and knowing your pitch, and being able to rock it, NO matter what is the key: whether it’s in front of the mirror, with your friends, or in front of investors. And then you will rock it when you are there to do your final pitch! Just like I was in front of the Sharks at Shark Tank or when I pitched at Samuel Adams for a pitch contest

When you’re ready to do your final pitch; It makes a world of difference – being prepared for your pitch could change your whole life.

My many years of pitching experience has led me to become The Pitch Queen, to be able to help entrepreneurs perfect their pitches and achieve their dreams. I’ve been able to leave behind any 9-5 job and pursue my passion for helping others perfect their pitch.

Make Your Pitch an Authentic Part of You

When it comes to knowing your pitch inside and out, practice time is going to become your lifeline.

Practice with anyone who will listen – your reflection in the bathroom mirror, as you’re getting ready for the day. During your morning or evening shower. Practice with friends (and not just the kind of friends who will say ‘that’s nice;’ practice with friends who will give good feedback).

I practiced with my friend Sheryl and my investors: those were people who had a vested interest in my success with the end results of my pitch. They wanted to see me be my very best. They know what it takes to be successful, and would help me become better at my pitch.

Drew Harrington, a guest on the Success Unfiltered podcast, found practice to be his very own education. He left college and started his own business called “Poolside Pong.” Yep, this enterprising 21-year-old started a business selling an inflatable beer pong table: but this wasn’t just a business.

As part of Poolside Pong, he earned a spot on the TV show “Million Dollar Idea” – and won! That was earned from his constant practice. The night before the filming, he stood in front of the mirror, practicing over and over. He had 60 seconds to nail it, and he did it!

While Poolside Pong eventually closed, Drew was able to “earn his MBA” through the experience – he walked away from that business with an understanding of supply, ordering, customer service, pitching to investors – you name it, he learned it.

Perfect Your Pitch for the Perfect Moment

Poolside Pong was slowly closing down, and Drew and his childhood best friend Amanda had an amazing idea. They wanted to create a healthy ice cream alternative, using greek yogurt as their “secret ingredient.”

Drew and Amanda had a dream and a plan for their new product, called Yasso. They spent about 2 years putting together their recipe and their formula for Yasso. The timing was right; the market was ready. People loved Greek yogurt. All they needed was a facility to manufacture Yasso.

However, they heard “NO” after “NO” after “NO.” And since their needs were so specific, they couldn’t go to just anybody.

They managed to get an appointment with a manufacturer: and spent the time before that appointment preparing. It was, after all, their best – and possibly last – shot at achieving their dream with the only manufacturer left to produce their product.

So far, they had been 100% rejection: NO manufacturer was ready to give the buy-in and allow them to use their facilities. They’d pursued other manufacturers, and this was their final chance. It was now or never.

They drove the six hours from Boston to New Jersey and found out that due to a scheduling error, their appointment had never been confirmed at the manufacturer.

Devastated beyond words, they sat in the lobby and plotted.

That’s when they got their big chance: one of the leaders, Tammy, took the time that day to hear them out anyway. After 2 hours of meeting, Drew and Amanda had what they had asked for: 3 days of manufacturing time. That was all they needed to get started.

What saved them that day was their pitch: they knew it inside and out. They had it perfected for the perfect moment when Tammy was ready to hear them. When the market was ready for ice cream made from greek yogurt.

“It’s a part of me,” Drew said. Drew and Amanda had spent so much time on that pitch that when it came time to share, they were able to share for hours, and seal the deal!

And, not only did Tammy hear them that day and believe in them and their dream, but she became a friend to them as their company grew.

Drew and Amanda’s ability to share their pitch that day allowed them to create not only an amazing brand (which is found in 17,000 stores nationwide), but they are helping people like me, who are obsessed with ice cream, to have a healthier alternative. That’s a win, right?

In Conclusion

Make your pitch a natural extension of you, so it flows authentically from you as you share with everyone. Don’t be afraid to spend time practicing your pitch. That time that you spend investing in making your pitch a part of you will pay off as you pursue your dreams and goals.

I believe in that practice; that your pitch will truly change your life if you spend the time to make it a part of you.

Does your pitch feel authentically you? Has that time spent practicing and getting to know it made a difference in how you share it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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