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What’s Your NUMBER - And Why Is SAYING It So Hard?You know your worth and KNOW you can get big results for people. You’ve had a few good clients, you’ve helped them do some pretty mind-blowing work. Maybe they’ve even told you that what you do is the most valuable thing they’ve ever invested in.

In other words, you know the value you provide for people because you’ve actually done it before.

Why is it then, that when it comes to actually asking for the money–telling your potential client on the phone that THIS is the price–that the number gets stuck in your throat? Why is it so hard to actually say what you’re worth out loud?

A big problem I see with my clients is that they have a hard time asking for what they’re worth–that is, actually telling people what their program costs. You know, saying THAT number.

I’ve had clients tell me that telling a real-live client on the phone what it costs to work with them actually gives them heart palpitations.

That number–that price for your package, program, service, or whatever–gets stuck in your throat when you try to say it. You might even be embarrassed to say it out loud or think people will laugh at you when you say it.

So what’s the problem, here? Why is it so hard to just tell people what you’re worth in real-live money?

Maybe it’s because you just don’t believe it yourself. Maybe you’re not quite able to own your worth just yet.

And if you don’t believe it first, then how are you gonna make anyone else believe it?

Sometimes the problem is that you don’t put a high enough value on your worth. Do you know your worth?

Even though you have the results to prove that you’re good. Even though you might have others who sing your praises. Even though you think you do believe in yourself enough. You’re still not quite there yet and you don’t know why.

How do you change that, then?

When it comes to both owning and asking for your worth, there are three major things that I want to bring up. Three things that just might make it easier for you to get on the phone with somebody and actually say that magic number. Without being embarrassed. Without worrying that you’ll be laughed at. So you can finally know your worth, OWN your worth and make magic happen for people.  

1) Believe in yourself and in your value and know your worth

When it comes to believing in yourself, there’s an exercise that I’ve found really helps: putting a number on what you do. Break it down so that you can see in black-and-white what the value of YOU actually is.

We’re gonna do some math really quick and get some numbers that’ll help you put a better value on you right now. Let’s say you’re selling a program for $3995 and the program is 12 weeks. When you break it down that turns out to be right at $333 dollars a week. So now–what do they get for that $333 dollars a week?

Let’s say they get coaching calls. Maybe they get email access. Personal access to you, too? Write it all down. What do they get, and how many hours of your time does that translate into per person, per week?

Okay. For $333 dollars a week, how many times are you talking to them? Let’s say it’s once a week for one hour and they get unlimited email access. Maybe it translates into one hour on a weekly call and another hour spent on email communications. That makes it on average two hours of your time per person per week for this program.

That comes to $167 an hour to work with you. Not a whole lot, right?

So what kind of value are you providing for people? Now you’ve got a solid number on it.

2) Believe in your actual ABILITY to help people.

Now that you have an actual number, what kind of results do clients get by working with you? Start tracking right away what kind of value and deliverables your clients are seeing from working with you–all of it, no matter how big or small.

Say that a client comes to you looking to bump up his revenue and business. What if in a 90-day period you helped that person kick up his bottom line by $4000?

Going by those numbers, you can say that your clients have pretty much paid for working with you after three months! So there’s your proof right there in the numbers.

You’re going to want to start tracking all this stuff for each of your clients. It’s going to do two things: it’ll help you feel more confident in yourself and it’ll help you start figuring out when it’s time to increase your prices, too.  

3) Understanding that when you DON’T share your expertise, you’re actually doing people a huge DISSERVICE.

Let’s say that you’re such a wealth of information and value in the world that you KNOW you could change people’s lives. But you decide not to, you get scared, you hold back.

What happens next? Nothing.

People don’t get your help. They continue to struggle while you hold the solution. It becomes a huge disservice to the world if you don’t get out there what you have to sell.

The bottom line is if you believe deeply enough that you can REALLY help these people–then if you don’t have them work with you for the price of–(x) for the next (x weeks, days, etc.), then you’re doing them a disservice.

Because if you don’t help them, they’re not going to achieve what they want to achieve.

And you know what? Eventually they’re just gonna go to somebody else. So it winds up that you’re doing everyone a disservice–yourself included.

When it comes down to believing in yourself and knowing your value, you must know your worth.

We broke that down so you can see a tangible dollar amount. We also started tracking all the successes that your clients have, so now you know you can produce results for them. AND we also made it clear that you deciding to hold back does nothing but a disservice to the world.

This is the thinking that starts to make you wonder things like, “this program is $3995–maybe it should actually be 5 grand! “

Those are the kind of things that start coming up when you are able to put a value on YOU.

It’s like this–once you start truly believing in your own value, owning your worth, and gaining that confidence, you’re going to start to shift. You’re going to feel things change. And it’s going to make you feel a LOT better about saying that magical number of yours–OUT LOUD.

And best of all– you’ll start to have more clients because they’re going to see you and they’re going to know how valuable you are. 

Use this new perspective on how to see the value you provide and know your worth! Go make some magic happen.

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