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The Abundant Accountant Podcast is where accounting professionals come to learn the most efficient and powerful ways to grow their firm, sharpen their skills, and have consistent increasing revenue. We cover topics from networking, pricing, finding your ideal clients, increasing cash flow, setting boundaries with clients and much more so you can stop giving away your time and expertise away for free and start being paid your value and worth!

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  • Learn how to communicate your value
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Knowing how to sell can make or break your practice. What prevents CPAs from selling effectively? In this episode of Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck, Hugh Duffy talks with Michelle Weinstein aka The Pitch Queen, all about ways to seal the deal. Tune in here to learn why she thinks accounting professionals should set aside specific time for following up with leads and all about her experience on the hit show “Shark Tank.”

Sales calls don’t have to be icky or pushy. Let a sales call be your prospect’s time to shine and determine if there is a fit for you to be of service to them. During this interview on the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, Sales strategist Michelle Weinstein will show you how to love selling, make a bigger impact on the world and sky-rocket your top-line revenue.

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