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When and How to Say No Politely in Your Business

Do you know when and how to say no politely in business? New accounting firms will often take on every single client that walks through their doors. That makes sense in the beginning. If you’re working on building a name for you and your firm taking on everyone is the...

How to Find Ideal Clients for Your Accounting Firm

Every accountant dreams of a practice full of the right clients. But how - and where - can you find ideal clients for your accounting firm? What can you do to posture yourself in such a way so that your ideal client comes to YOU and asks YOU to work with them? That’s...

5 Ways Accountants Can Establish Trust with Clients

Do you always feel like the only way accountants can establish trust with clients is by giving away advice for free?  Constantly giving free advice will NOT lead to people paying you. It’s time to do something different: build TRUST with your future clients without...

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