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The Best Ways for Accountants to Get Referral Clients

The information I’m about to share with you could turn your business upside down (in a good way)! If you are an accounting professional, some of your very best business should be coming from referrals, especially if you are offering premium services at premium prices....

How to Show Your Value as a Trusted Accountant

Do you ever feel uncomfortable setting your own rates when it comes to your services? It’s a pretty common occurrence for individuals to set their prices low in order to ensure they get the sale, but that’s not helping you or your clients. Believe it or not, most...

The 4 Best Marketing Tactics for Accountants in 2018

Most of the accountants I work with shudder at the thought of having to go out and market themselves. Many have no idea how to do it, and others don’t really enjoy that part of the business. So when I teach a sales class to my favorite group of accounting...