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More Than The Pain Points


What Your Clients Really Want

(and how to deliver!)

It’s all about the pain points. I know you’ve heard this one before. You might even be totally over the idea of pain points by now.

 But like it or not, pain points matter.

People are generally a lot quicker to pay to get out of pain than they are to fulfill a vision.

So you have to know what your ideal client struggles with. That’s just good sense.


But is there more to it than JUST getting out of pain? Is the pain alone enough to get you the “YES” on the spot?

 In other words, do you think that your ideal client might want even more than to just be out of pain, in the end?

 The answer is YES. It’s about more than simply selling a solution to their source of misery.


(Sounds a lot more powerful than selling just a “solution”,  right?)

Sure, you start out with the not-so-fun stuff. You have to know what sucks about their current situation and show them that you have that solution they want so badly.

 But the solution ALONE is rarely enough to make what you offer go from “nice to have” to “must have NOW” in your client’s eyes.

 You also have to know not only what they want – but also WHY they want it.

 If you know their pain deeper than just the pain itself – if you can tap into what they don’t want but also what they DO want – it takes them from the wishy-washy “thinking about it” to a wholehearted “let me get my credit card!” a LOT faster.

Why is it important that your potential ideal client wants to solve their problem NOW? That’s the key.

How do you get to those emotional hot buttons that tells the client that you “get” them and shows them that YOU are the one to see them through to the promise land?

We’re going to show how to get to what really trips their trigger and USE it to get you to a solid, passionate, dream-laden YES right here:

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