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What’s This Going to Cost Me?

How to tell your client the real answer

(and turn an “I need to think about it” into a “Hell, yes!”)

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It’s that moment when somebody asks you that question on a sales call:

“What is it going to cost to work with you?” (with usually a twinge of worry on the word “cost,” right?)

Suddenly your heart is pounding and your confidence is shrinking. You’re hoping you can actually get the number our of your mouth without wincing.

Ah, that moment when your prospect asks the inevitable money question. Fun, right? 

But here’s the thing: chances are that your prospect is only thinking about the money they’ll be shelling out in that moment. What they might not know yet is that there’s SO much more to working with you than the right now out-of-pocket amount. A LOT.

Sure, they’re looking for a number in dollars, but there is another answer to that question of cost.                                                                                               

When you understand what this answer really is, you’ll be able to be on a sales call and have no fear of asking for what you’re worth or stating your worth. 

to showing your client just how valuable you are.

And the money won’t be an issue anymore.

It’s because you’re going to have a command of the difference between COST and INVESTMENT.

Once you allow your client to see and appreciate this powerful distinction, not only is it going to help you understand YOUR worth – it’s going to make the client see that what they’re getting from you is worth SO much more than what they’re actually paying

How do you tap into this simple yet cruicial distinction and use it to turn and “I don’t know” into a “Hell, YES!”?

We’re going to show you how to go from NO to YES right here.

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