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How To Build Relationships

Your Checklist For TRUE Connections

(And Real Sales!)

Sometimes it’s hard enough just to ASK for the sale.

But then there’s knowing WHEN to ask for the sale. That takes those pangs of anxiety to a WHOLE new place.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re hitting the next level in your business, I bet you know what I’m talking about.

And if your business is online – where everything feels a lot more fast paced, impersonal, and anonymous – then getting out there and asking for the sale might sometimes feel more like scamming rather than selling.

Sales has become something of a touchy subject these days, especially for those of us in the online world.

Why? Because sales has become synonymous with being pushy, sleazy, and desperate – not to mention “salesy” and “spammy” (two derogatory words that have no doubt evolved in response to sleazy online selling practices and for those with boots on the ground like the car sales guy or the kiosk people in the mall.)

But here’s the deal – online or not, REAL sales is NOT scamming. It’s not spamming. And it’s not being pushy or harassing people.

Selling is NOTHING to be ashamed of OR afraid of. In fact, selling is one of the most honorable things you can do. As an entrepreneur you actually signed up for a full time sales role!

You may not realize it but you are always selling. Sharing yourself in person, sharing yourself on social media, sharing your business, sharing your services or programs, and the list goes on.

Sales is not just about the act of earning money. It’s about helping people. It’s about providing products and services that change lives. That’s why you started your business, right? To make an impact in the world and help others.

It’s as simple as that.

And if you have something life-changing and powerful in your business but you DON’T get it out there and sell it or share it, what happens?

NOTHING. The people you’re meant to help lose out. You lose out. And everyone gets cheated out of the relationship that could have lead to big-time abundance for everyone involved.

So what’s the point in starting a business if you’re NOT going to share it?

It’s clear that you’re doing a disservice if you DON’T share.

But how do you turn selling from a frenemy into your BFF?

It all comes down to seeing sales for what it really is: an opportunity to SHARE. And having a sales conversation is how you do it. It’s a simple conversation.

But here’s the thing: A sales conversation is just like any other conversation. It’s based on a relationship. And that’s what you need to have FIRST.

I know, I know… I bet you’re thinking “But HOW do you create real relationships on Facebook or at an event? It’s hard enough to have real FRIENDS in real life and not online!”

Well, not only CAN this be done in-person but it can be done online too! It’s a MUST.

You CAN make real connections on the phone, in person, and online. And that’s what I’m going to help you do right now!

How? By using old-school ideals with a new-school spin.

Before you know it, you’ll be creating relationships so when you get to the SALE, they’re already sold! Enter your info below for my free guide on how to do it.

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